How to Look Like Donald Trump: 11 Steps (With Pictures)

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How to Look Like Donald Trump: 11 Steps (With Pictures)
How to Look Like Donald Trump: 11 Steps (With Pictures)

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, this billionaire businessman, television personality, and US presidential candidate has a distinctive style. Maybe you want to emulate his success in the meeting room, or you just want to look like him for Halloween. Either way, we'll show you in this article how you can look like him.


Part 1 of 3: Having Donald Trump's Hair

Look Like Donald Trump Step 1
Look Like Donald Trump Step 1

Step 1. Have her hair

All people know that their distinguishing feature is their hair. Be careful what you ask for; You could end up looking like him, but not all people agree that that's good. Her hair has been the subject of many jokes!

  • His hair is traditional. You will know that she does not have long hair, a ponytail, a mullet cut, or anything like that. On the contrary, he has short hair. The White House press secretary accused him of having "faux hair" and other people have accused him of having a hair transplant. Is this true? Nobody really knows.
  • However, the fact is that her hair draws the audience's attention towards the front. That is the bottom line. You will never see a diminishing hairline on him (unless the wind blows him, of course). His hair forms a complete precipitation that creates the illusion of fullness, which is associated with his virility.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 2
Look Like Donald Trump Step 2

Step 2. Brush your hair back in the middle

Create a ponytail on top of your head. Brush the rest of your hair and put a ponytail under the first one. Keep in mind that the ponytail is not always necessary. Simply brushing your hair back is an option.

  • Keep it in your head. Stretch it so that it reaches both temples. Fix it in one place. Brush the ponytail back and put it on top of your head so that it looks like a toupee. Set it aside to keep it stable. Flip the hair over and comb it to the side.
  • Another way to have your hair is drying it forward. Fold it up and dry it back and set it aside. Then, comb and dry the rest of the hair on both sides. The bottom line is that the hair on one side of the head is twisted forward to give it a thick hairline. He may have applied hair grafts.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 3
Look Like Donald Trump Step 3

Step 3. Have the correct hair color

His hair is permanently blonde. No matter how old it gets, it never turns completely gray or white, although it has sometimes been seen with white patches near its ears.

  • Keep your hair colored and make it brown somewhat blonde. He has admitted to using hairspray or hairspray.
  • Dye your brows to match your hair. Some Trump imitators bleach their eyebrows. Trump's eyebrows are the same golden blonde that his hair has. You will never see him with dark brows.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 4
Look Like Donald Trump Step 4

Step 4. Normally, he has a tan

Some people believe that their complexion looks a little orange. This effect is probably the result of a spray tan. In short, he never ventures to look very pale.

  • To achieve its appearance, you can purchase a tanning lotion and obtain it at various stores. You need a little skin color if you want to really look like him.
  • Trump imitators say his appearance is not as static as some people believe and that the hue of his skin seems to constantly change.

Part 2 of 3: Dressing as Donald Trump

Look Like Donald Trump Step 5
Look Like Donald Trump Step 5

Step 1. Buy a baseball hat that says "Make America Great Again."

Donald Trump knows how to advertise. He has defined himself with a simple slogan, and is often seen with a baseball cap that has it written on it.

  • This hat is its most easily definable feature. If people see you using it, they probably know right away that it is a reference to Trump. Normally, he wears a white or red hat.
  • You can buy it online on many web pages. Regardless of what you think of him politically, most people agree that he understands marketing. He knows the power of a clear and memorable catchphrase, and this is his.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 6
Look Like Donald Trump Step 6

Step 2. Wear a power tie, preferably solid red and without a pattern

He uses the "colors of power". Typically, he is seen wearing a suit and tie, and when he does wear one, he usually opts for a red one. Some observers have noted that when Trump was on the TV show "The Apprentice," he used to wear a red tie. Then he changed it; sometimes he wears pink and yellow ties. However, when he began running for president of the United States, he returned to the red tie.

  • You will never see him with a bow tie or some non-traditional garment. If he's not wearing a red tie, you might see that he's wearing a blue one. Red ties connote authority and confidence, as well as passion. This way, if you're trying to convey that you have a pronounced vision for a company, this is a good color. You will hardly ever see it using earth tones.
  • He wants his ties to stand out so they are brightly colored and bold. He tends to go for ties in consistent, bright or theatrical colors. When you use a patterned one, it is likely to be horizontally striped or with geometric images. Similarly, their ties are wide. Don't go for ones that are thin.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 7
Look Like Donald Trump Step 7

Step 3. Wear a suit, but don't button up your jacket

This is your badge. The great tie of power is, if we can say it, a phallic symbol. To accentuate this point, he hardly ever buttons his jacket.

  • Their costumes are traditional. You'll see him in a classic navy blue suit and subtle striped shirts. He has the appearance of being the "businessman in the meeting room." This is an appearance that he came to dominate on the television show "The Apprentice", in which he used to wear a traditional dark navy blue suit with a red power tie without a design.
  • Their suits are known to be somewhat boxy. They are not usually fitted. Trump sticks to rich, neutral colors, like charcoal gray or navy blue.
  • When seen in casual clothing, these are usually traditional and suitable for hitting the golf course. You could see him with a jacket with engraved initials and khaki pants. Their dress shirts are normally white.

Part 3 of 3: Mastering Donald Trump's Body Language

Look Like Donald Trump Step 8
Look Like Donald Trump Step 8

Step 1. Talk like him

People have studied their speech patterns in an attempt to isolate their appeal. They have found some fundamental patterns in their walk.

  • He speaks with a slightly nasal tone. One Trump impersonator describes his impression as "nagging confidence."
  • The New York Times analyzed 95,000 words spoken by Trump and found consistent patterns. To begin with, he often speaks with a collective voice by using the word "we" and often speaks directly to his audience by using "you" in his sentences.
  • The Washington Post analyzed 6,348 tweets he has made and found that 11% were insults and attacks and 89% consisted of self-promotion and bragging. His main targets were his political opponents.
  • He creates a supposed and dangerous "other" not named or named, which creates a dangerous imaginary element. He uses repetition constantly and his speech patterns are often very binary and lacking in hue or gray areas.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 9
Look Like Donald Trump Step 9

Step 2. Use the emotional appeal in your speech

Your speech patterns attack the person, not the idea or the situation. Frequently, he marks his political opponents with damning words like "horrible", "weak" or "stupid". Use some heavy adjectives to make an observation.

  • It focuses on emotional appeal, what Greek philosophers called "rhetoric" when appealing to reason. Rhetoric is defined as an appeal to the emotions.
  • The ways to use it in speech patterns are to make promises or commands; express deep outrage; predict revenge for bad behavior; suddenly interrupt yourself in the middle of the conversation to convey emotion, and repeat your words to magnify your ideas and emotions.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 10
Look Like Donald Trump Step 10

Step 3. Have their gestures

He uses gestures of power that convey authority and strength. He wants to show that he is "winning." He waves his hand a lot in greeting, as if indicating "go away, get out of here" according to an imitator.

  • For example, use your hand assertively. He is often seen giving a firm thumbs-up signal that all is well.
  • Another common gesture he uses is hitting the air with a single finger to emphasize an observation while waving the rest of his hand into a fist. This is one of his most common gestures. It's called the "hand stick gesture," and Bill Clinton often used a variation of it.
Look Like Donald Trump Step 11
Look Like Donald Trump Step 11

Step 4. Master your facial expressions

He is a master of conveying emotions through facial gestures. Sometimes these are counterproductive. There are some memes created about their facial expressions.

  • It is common for him to turn his gaze into an environment of the eyes. Your goal is to look serious and tough and to present yourself as if you are listening intently. It communicates with your body. Purse your lips when your opponents say something you don't like. He turns his torso towards his opponents as a sign that he is not afraid of them.
  • Keep your palms up when gesturing with your hands as a way to convey frankness. He leans forward when in front of a podium and places both hands on top of it as if doing push-ups, which body language experts regard as a power move. Nod and shake your head a lot.
  • He usually smiles, and when he does, he hardly ever shows his teeth. His smile is more like a big Cheshire cat-style smile. This implies that he has a secret; possesses knowledge that other people do not have.
  • He growls when he wants to show disgust. He also rolls his eyes, shrugs, and smirks. These tactics derail interrogators.


  • If you wear a hat like his, people will know that you are trying to be like him.
  • Mastering your distinctive swagger (some people might say confident) is central to your appeal.


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