How to make an angel costume: 9 Steps (with pictures)

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How to make an angel costume: 9 Steps (with pictures)
How to make an angel costume: 9 Steps (with pictures)

So you've decided to celebrate Halloween big this year. You've scoured the whole gamut of costume ideas - the scary mask, the sexy nurse, the latest movie icon - but you've decided to take a lighter alternate path this year - an angel. Do you really want your costume to be memorable and fun, but have no idea where to start the process of creating the perfect costume? Do not look any further. It is very easy to do, inexpensive and good if you have a low budget.


Part 1 of 3: Gather the Costume Supplies

Make an Angel Costume Step 1
Make an Angel Costume Step 1

Step 1. Choose a light-colored dress or a long T-shirt

Choose a dress or long T-shirt in a very light color. A nice dress, robe, or nightgown is great for making an angel costume, but a long T-shirt can also look just right with the right benefits; the trick is to achieve a sleek, wavy effect.

  • A light color will make the costume look "angelic." Look for a white, light blue, light yellow, or mint green color. Warm, attractive and comforting tones mimic light sources that have the same effect. Go big this year and make your angel costume look great.
  • Remember that you are an angel - the symbol of goodness and kindness. Try your best to make the dress as modest as possible; otherwise, you risk being a devil in disguise!
Make an Angel Costume Step 2
Make an Angel Costume Step 2

Step 2. Choose the perfect wings

Decide what type of wings you would like the angel costume to have. There is a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, more than you can imagine. The type of wings you choose will determine what resources you will need to make them.

  • Do you want your costume to have fairy wings? Maybe it's a bit more traditional and you want to put some standard angel wings on it. Or maybe, do you want something more unique and would like to add balloon wings to it? Show off this year and create a memorable pair of wings that will make your friends ask how you made them.
  • Determine how elegant you want the wings to be. A simple and inexpensive idea is to gather cardboard material and cut it the right way. With the right amount of adjustments, the wings will look great and you can make them without spending an arm and a leg.
  • The wing colors don't need to match the dress exactly, but try to keep the colors on a similar scale to give the costume uniformity. You can also go the opposite way and create wings that contrast and stand out.
Make an Angel Costume Step 3
Make an Angel Costume Step 3

Step 3. Choose an eye-catching halo

Imagine what kind of halo you would like for your angel costume and get to work making it. Like wings, the halo can come in many more shapes, sizes, and colors than you can imagine, so choose the one you can make.

  • A simple and inexpensive idea is to use a gold or silver pipe cleaner. It's easy to bend one of a suitable length to give it the shape of a halo. In addition, it is easy to join several to form a halo of the appropriate length and circumference.
  • Halloween party supply stores and even large grocery stores offer various types of glow sticks and round glow materials that are perfect for making halos. Take a close look at them for additional inspiration.

Part 2 of 3: Making the Costume

Make an Angel Costume Step 4
Make an Angel Costume Step 4

Step 1. Make the wings

Wings are an essential component of an angel costume and probably the most time consuming. Start with the wings to make sure they are exactly how you want them and take the time to make any necessary changes.

  • One of the easiest ways to make them is to simply take a piece of construction paper and make the wings out of paper. Although they may not seem very interesting at first, these wings can easily be fixed by covering them with aluminum foil before adding your own mix of decorations with paint, glitter, etc. These wings are also kinder to your wallet.
  • Start by getting a large piece of construction paper. You can find it at any local grocery store where they have office supplies.
  • Draw a large heart on the piece of construction paper. Each half of the heart will serve as a single wing later, so keep that in mind when purchasing the piece of construction paper and drawing.
  • Cut around the heart to have the shape.
  • Cut it in half to have two separate pieces, or simply fold the heart in the center for the effect of wings.
  • Decorate, draw details and customize the paper wings to your liking to give them their own style.
  • Don't be afraid to be more creative, but you should keep in mind that depending on the type of wings you decide to make, you will have to make a simple cut with the scissors or a more elaborate process. Although balloon wings won't take long, fairy wings and traditional elaborate methods of making angel wings will take a little longer.
Make an Angel Costume Step 5
Make an Angel Costume Step 5

Step 2. Make the halo

The halo is the second most recognizable detail in an angel costume. Although this item may seem like an intimidating part of the costume, there are some quick methods to make sure you create a halo very quickly.

  • The easiest way to make an angel costume halo is to buy some gold or silver pipe cleaners at your local party supply store. Some grocery stores also offer these pipe cleaners.
  • Take a single pipe cleaner and it measures about 1 1/2 to 2 feet (45 to 60 cm). If the pipe cleaners you bought are not this length, join two.
  • Separate 2 to 6 inches (5.1 to 15.2 cm) from one end of the pipe cleaner to straighten it for a later stage of the process.
  • Fold the rest of the pipe cleaner into a circle.
  • Point the remaining piece of pipe cleaner (the straight part) downward at a 90-degree angle.
  • Roll the remaining piece of pipe cleaner around a sturdy headband or hat for ease of use and comfort.
  • If necessary, attach the pipe cleaner to a top of the dress.
  • To make a more striking halo, repeat the process with the pipe cleaners to make it look thicker. You can also add a jeweled necklace or wire to give the halo a royal look.
  • The pipe cleaner method can be used to attach any material to the hat to hold the halo well. Place it with whatever material you have decided to make it with.
Make an Angel Costume Step 6
Make an Angel Costume Step 6

Step 3. Combine the pieces to form the costume

Attach the wings and halo to the dress, if necessary. You can do this by sewing the wings individually, gluing them together with a hot glue gun, or simply taping them together to cause less damage to the wings and the dress.

  • To find the perfect spot on the back, find the spot at the height of the back where the fabric you're using begins to stretch.
  • Measure in front of the mirror or have a friend measure the center of your back, at the same distance from both shoulders. Use your spine as a guide.
  • It is important to consider how the wings will be on the back. Make sure they are raised and straight, but not dropped, for an angelic presence. On the other hand, don't leave the wings too tight, as it can undo all the work you did to create them or to attach them to the costume.
  • Use the perfect spot to place the wings. At the sweet spot you won't have to bend your back at all and the wings will stay in place. If the point is too low, the wings will fall off. This can cause damage from movement. If it's too high, you run the risk of flexing the material too much.

Part 3 of 3: Customize the Angel Costume

Make an Angel Costume Step 7
Make an Angel Costume Step 7

Step 1. Add other items from the closet

By adding other wardrobe items, you can actually customize the costume and give it your style. Add a contrasting belt to give the dress more shape, light-colored leggings to add more color, or gloves to close with a flourish.

Make an Angel Costume Step 8
Make an Angel Costume Step 8

Step 2. Add accessories

Wear your own rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for a truly elegant angel look. If you're worried about coming out with your best accessories, you can get some jewelry at a costume or party supply store. You can also add touches of glitter, light-colored paint, or even aluminum foil to make the costume stand out.

Make an Angel Costume Step 9
Make an Angel Costume Step 9

Step 3. Wear angelic footwear

Make sure the shoes match the rest of the outfit. If you chose a traditional angel costume, stick to sandals. If you chose a more elegant look, make sure the shoes are formal. You shouldn't ruin your well-crafted costume with athletic shoes.

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