How to Look Zombie: 6 Steps (With Pictures)

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How to Look Zombie: 6 Steps (With Pictures)
How to Look Zombie: 6 Steps (With Pictures)

It does not matter if you are preparing for a costume contest on Halloween or you are going to participate in a horror movie, it is very simple and fun to dress up as a zombie. Once you check your wardrobe and makeup, all you have to do is master the moves.



Step 1. Apply makeup

You can use makeup to create the illusion of a ghastly paleness. Shades of white, gray, purple, or green work well for most people. Go to the drugstore and find an eye concealer or foundation in these colors. You should also buy some dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and baby powder.

  • Apply foundation all over your face and down your neck for that unhealthy paleness.
  • Stand directly under a light source and begin applying eyeshadow to accentuate the sunken areas of your face (for example, the eye sockets and around the middle of the cheeks). Look for shades to darken your skin quite a bit.
  • You should completely darken your eyes, but keep this process under control. Make your eye sockets appear to have shrunk by about 1 inch (2.5 cm). Darken the area towards the middle of the corners and inside the eyes, making sure to accentuate the natural shadows, but darkening them a bit. You can even try a dark gray shade, which sometimes works better for a more realistic effect than black.
  • Apply baby powder to your face so that your skin appears dull and dead. You should apply a large amount to make it appear that you have turned pale and died. Use a pale green or gray-green eyeshadow and apply it to some parts of your face and around the areas that you have darkened. Brighten the color of your eyebrows. If you want to be a zombie, you need to look as realistic as possible.
  • Use a solid red lipstick on the sections of your lips that you will later apply “fake blood” to and apply a few dabs of purple, grayish or brown lipstick to make it look like the blood has dried a bit and looks more realistic.
  • If you want or can afford it, you can get some creepy eyeball contact lenses. Most of the people think that its use is unnecessary, since either way you are going to look scary enough even without these elements. However, this decision is up to you. There are many people who do not use them on Halloween, so you do not worry if you do not get them.

Step 2. Mess up your hair

Try to make your hair look like you just came out of a grave. You can also use a large amount of hair oil to make it look greasy.

  • Tie your hair at the roots. You can also apply hairspray and then use a comb or small brush to style your hair. You should brush your hair in the "opposite" direction towards the roots. Do this in small sections. Your hair will be messy (or in place) if you use oil. If you apply other cosmetic products to your hair (such as powder or fake blood), these will easily come off at the end of the day when you shower.
  • Apply baby powder. Rub some talcum powder into your hair to make it look gray and ashy.
  • If you have long hair, you can let it down, put it in a messy bun, or even rub your head against a pillow. An extremely twisted ponytail, tangled braids, or a messy bun will look appropriately messy.
  • Try starting with tousled hair. If you're dressing up as a zombie first thing in the morning, try washing your hair right before you go to sleep the night before. Falling asleep with damp hair will make it look rough and messy, and you might even press it to the side like you've been lying in a grave. You can simply leave your hair tousled when you wake up.
Look Like a Zombie Step 3
Look Like a Zombie Step 3

Step 3. Make fake blood

To prepare a cup of this substance (which is probably more than what you will need), you will need the following:

  • 1.5 cups corn syrup (avoid using pancake syrup as it can cause blood to turn a little browned)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons red food coloring
  • some chocolate syrup (like the one that comes with ice cream, but not the kind that sets right away)
  • a couple of small drops of blue or green food coloring, depending on your preference (this will give the "blood" a deeper, more realistic red)
  • Mix well and add small amounts of water until you reach your desired consistency and coating.
  • Another alternative may be to add honey to thicken and make the mixture sticky in place of corn syrup, dish soap (such as Fairy Liquid), and red and blue food coloring. Liquid detergent helps blood to be removed from clothes later. You can play with the ratio of honey and liquid detergent to get the right consistency. Each brand may vary. However, you should be careful, since pine scented dish soap doesn't taste very good, so you should use a minimal amount if you are putting the mixture in your mouth.
  • For a more doughy or thick consistency, petroleum jelly can work very well. Just mix the food coloring or use a crushed maroon or red eyeshadow.

Step 4. Apply the fake blood

This is the fun part, unless you feel nauseous easily. Otherwise, you can go crazy.

  • Make a few wounds of some kind. Drain blood over your entrances and let it run down your face, arms, legs, and hands.
  • If you want to create bullet holes, you need to get a really black marker and draw holes on your shirt. Then squeeze some fake blood around you.
  • For a “I just ate the neighbor” look, pour a good amount of blood into your hand and then “eat it” to give your mouth a good smear. Then apply some more to your lips. This mixture is non-toxic, unlike others, and can run down your chin and throat.
  • If you have time, let some of the blood dry for about 10 minutes. Then reapply another coat in a different way for a nice effect.
  • Try to look for dark fake blood as bright red blood will give you a cartoonish look.
Look Like a Zombie Step 5
Look Like a Zombie Step 5

Step 5. Make your costume look good

These are the basic steps so that your clothes look properly worn:

  • Get out into the open air and roll on the dirt. Try to find some mud to roll on.
  • When applying fake blood, be sure to mess up your clothes. This stuff works and filters quite well. Plus, it looks extremely convincing.
  • You can use a knife or other pointed implement (be careful!) To poke holes in your costume.

Step 6. Act like a zombie

Zombies are slow, stiff, can't express themselves well (if they want to), and crave human flesh.

  • You should moan and gasp when breathing through your mouth, as this adds a great effect. Your jaw should hang loosely most of the time. If you have to make other noises, you can mention nonsensical things or moan louder or louder. The moans always work.
  • Don't walk, drag your feet. Lean forward until you almost fall with each step. Limping or dragging one leg may also help. Swing your arms limp, like they're numb.
  • When passing by the side of people, you can grunt, groan and wave your arms. Some higher level zombies also tend to exclaim “brains!”. If you want people to laugh, you can wave and say "Hi!" Your reaction will be funny. Yes Really you want to scare someone, you can go to the cinema when a zombie movie is released. In the middle of the movie, when the tension is through the roof, you can walk across the screen to scare at least half of the viewers.
  • Act like a fool. The average zombie has an IQ just above freezing, so they bump into walls, trip, fall, and can't use their hands.


  • Have someone take care of your belongings (for example, cell phone and wallet). It's not convincing to see a zombie texting.
  • If you go for the look of a 100-year-old zombie, you should avoid wearing modern clothing. This way, your costume will look more realistic and you will keep your new clothes clean.
  • You can try a themed approach, like a mechanical zombie or a zombie dancer. Specificity will make you stand out from a drooling and grumpy crowd.
  • If you want to look more scary than comical, try acting like zombies in horror movies or video games.
  • Stand in the bathtub or shower while applying makeup. It's probably a bit ghoulish for you, but it's better than getting the whole bathroom dirty. In addition, it facilitates cleaning.
  • You must adapt the "terror" to an appropriate level. For example, you may need to tone down your acting if you are around young children or more sensitive people.
  • Avoid getting stuck in the stereotypical zombie and try to innovate a bit. If your skin is green and you move very slowly, you just won't be too scary. Try to move faster but jerkily and don't go straight towards people. You can also laugh madly to scare them all, which will be a lot of fun.
  • If you are concerned about complying with the law, you should contact the police first if you plan to organize a zombie march through the city. Usually only a couple of cops show up to make sure nothing gets out of hand.
  • You can add cream-colored makeup to make it look like your skin is peeling off.
  • You can make it look like zombies have attacked you by stamping bloody and muddy handprints on your clothes and adding rips.


  • Young children should be avoided at all costs, as they are not aware that everything is false and you can make their parents angry.
  • The fake blood mixture can get too sticky, so you need to be careful if you have to get into a car or go through a place that you don't want to get dirty.
  • You can use reflective strips to reinforce safety and improve the visibility of drivers if you are going out at night.
  • Don't touch anyone! Usually people take this act the wrong way and may yell for help.
  • You must be careful when pouring the fake blood into your ears. Don't let this substance get into your inner ear canal, as it can cause an infection. It's best to smear it or use a cotton swab for a dripping effect.
  • Do not do anything illegal. Wearing a costume is not an excuse to break windows, loot shops, or flip cars. All these criminal acts have consequences.
  • If you plan to scare your friends, family, or just a couple of strangers to the point of terrorizing them, then you must stop. If people start running away or attacking you, then this game will no longer be fun at all. At this point, you need to get out of character and assure them that it is just a joke.
  • If the police detain you, or your boss orders you to come home early, or you confront someone who has a problem, you should be kind and understanding and not aggravate the situation, since you are the only one who is violating the rules of coexistence.

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