How to draw Wolverine (with pictures)

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How to draw Wolverine (with pictures)
How to draw Wolverine (with pictures)

Learning how to draw Wolverine, the X-Men character, doesn't have to be difficult, although it may take some practice to get it right. However, Wolverine is a fairly simple character to draw. You just have to start with a stick figure and add details as you continue. Grab a pencil and a clean sheet of paper, and you'll be able to draw Wolverine in no time.


Part 1 of 4: Get started with the basics

Draw Wolverine Step 1
Draw Wolverine Step 1

Step 1. Start by drawing a stick figure

Wolverine is a Marvel character, so he follows the same template as all Marvel superheroes, starting with a stick figure. Start by drawing a straight line vertically. Draw a horizontal line that crosses the vertical line about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below the top point to make the shoulders and chest. Then add the arms and legs. Draw circles at the joints as they will be used as references later.

  • To make it easier to draw Wolverine, find a picture of him that you like for reference.
  • While you can draw Wolverine in any position, it is easiest to start with Wolverine simply standing and facing forward. This will give you a better idea of what it looks like.
  • Use a pencil and try to make the first lines of the sketch thin, as you will erase them later.
  • The vertical line will serve as a backbone for the body, connecting the head, chest, and body.
  • Draw a circle around the top of the first line to outline the head.
  • Leave some space under the head for the neck, and then draw a large oval shape to form the chest. Wolverine is burly, so the shapes you draw for the body should be round and cylindrical.
  • Under the chest, draw a cylinder to outline the torso.
  • Create circular joints in the shoulders and elbows by drawing circles.
  • For the legs, draw lines and add circular outlines for the kneecaps.
  • Draw small triangles for the hands and feet at this point.
Draw Wolverine Step 2
Draw Wolverine Step 2

Step 2. Add more cylinders and ovals to give Wolverine weight

Connect the circular joints in the arms and legs by drawing cylinders in the areas between the joints. Use the original lines on the stick figure to guide you. Wolverine is very big, so make the big shapes. It is also valid to superimpose the shapes, since they will end up forming muscles in the arms and legs.

  • Draw cylinders, which will be Wolverine's muscles and body, as wide as you drew the circular joints to maintain proportion.
  • Don't worry about making everything look perfect or uniform right now, just finish the sketch.
Draw Wolverine Step 3
Draw Wolverine Step 3

Step 3. Give more volume to the body

By now you should have a sketch of a stick figure with circular joints, cylindrical muscles in the arms and legs, a circle for the head, and a large oval for the chest. Complete the overall shape of Wolverine's torso and waist by adding another cylinder that begins just above the lower curve of the chest. Then draw another shape, like a pyramid pointing down.

  • The pyramid shape should be round around the edges and start about one-third of the way between the bottom curve of the cylinder you drew for the torso.
  • The body should be made up of three separate shapes: a large oval at the top for the chest, a cylinder for the torso, and an inverted pyramid for the waist.
  • The two lower shapes should be the same width, while the width of the torso should be greater.

Part 2 of 4: Drawing the head

Draw Wolverine Step 4
Draw Wolverine Step 4

Step 1. Make the sketch of Wolverine's head

Until now, you must have a circle for the head. Add a shape that is similar to a "U" under the head to form the jaw.

  • Draw the "U" shape roughly at the midpoint of the circle.
  • The distance from the bottom of the circle to the bottom of the arch of the jaw should be about half the distance from the top to the bottom of the circle.
Draw Wolverine Step 5
Draw Wolverine Step 5

Step 2. Add the neck lines

Starting roughly in the middle of the jaw in a "U" shape, draw two curved lines for the neck.

  • The lines must be convex, that is, they must curve inward.
  • Wolverine has a fairly thick neck, so draw the lines parallel to the sides of the head.
Draw Wolverine Step 6
Draw Wolverine Step 6

Step 3. Create symmetry guides for the nose, eyes, and mouth

Draw a vertical line dividing the head and jaw in half. Make a cross by drawing a horizontal line in the middle of the circle for the head. This will help you position your eyes and nose. Draw a smaller horizontal line in the space between the bottom of the circle that forms the head and the bottom of the "U" to form the mouth.

You can use the original vertical line. Just extend it upwards along the crown of the head

Draw Wolverine Step 7
Draw Wolverine Step 7

Step 4. Draw the eyes, the nose, and the mouth

On either side of the vertical line, draw two slanted lines that look like a tilde. These should be above the top horizontal line that is perpendicular to the vertical line. Below these lines, draw rectangular shapes for the eyes. At the bottom of the circle, draw vertical lines and a "V" shape to form the nose. The mouth goes just above the second horizontal line that you drew below the circle. Add a small triangle to form the lower lip on the horizontal line.

To better make the shapes of the eyes, nose and mouth it is easier to have a picture of Wolverine for reference

Draw Wolverine Step 8
Draw Wolverine Step 8

Step 5. Outline the jaw

Use the "U" shape to outline Wolverine's jaw in more detail. The jaw should start with the same width as the "U" and then slope inward around the mouth.

  • Make the lower part of the jaw flatter than round.
  • Erase any excess lines from the "U" shape.
Draw Wolverine Step 9
Draw Wolverine Step 9

Step 6. Draw the mouth of the mask

Wolverine's mask is one of the defining characteristics of this character. Start by drawing lines inside the face for the opening of the mask. Start with two slightly curved horizontal lines coming out of the nose. Next, add two vertical lines on the sides of the mouth that connect to the jaw.

For horizontal lines, refer to the line you drew to position the eyes, keeping the mask lines parallel

Draw Wolverine Step 10
Draw Wolverine Step 10

Step 7. Draw the upper part of the mask

Start just above the eyebrows and draw curved lines that extend outside and above the head. How the outer points of the mask are drawn is up to the individual, but once you draw the original curves of the mask, draw one more curve on each side to connect the mask to the part around the mouth..

  • Imagine that the top of the mask is two horns that start near the center of the face, just above the eyebrows.
  • Draw these thin lines at the beginning. If you don't like the way the mask looks, erase it and try again. It may take a couple of tries.

Part 3 of 4: Add details

Draw Wolverine Step 11
Draw Wolverine Step 11

Step 1. Create the outline of the body

Now that your head is nearly complete, follow the contours of the joints and muscles to begin building the body. Start from the neck and work your way down.

  • By darkening the outer edges of the drawing, you will give Wolverine a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Don't worry too much about the proportions at this point. You may find that not all parts of the body look perfectly the same. It's okay. What you want right now is to have the general look.
Draw Wolverine Step 12
Draw Wolverine Step 12

Step 2. Make any changes to the body contour

Once you've outlined your entire body, see if there are any areas that look disproportionate or out of place. If there are problem areas, erase them and re-draw stick figures. Then, give the shaped area more volume before outlining it again.

  • Wolverine has a large chest, a broad torso, and large muscular legs that should be roughly the same length as the distance between his waist and the top of his head.
  • Your shoulders are more or less level and should not be at too high an angle.
  • Once you're happy with Wolverine's overall shape, erase the stick figure lines and joints, leaving only the outer lines of the body.
Draw Wolverine Step 13
Draw Wolverine Step 13

Step 3. Draw the details for the top of the suit

Wolverine has various components in his suit, but most of them are made up of triangles. Start at the shoulders by drawing two triangles for the shoulder pads. Then add two more triangles on each side of Wolverine's neck that point downward. Below the pectorals are two sets of three horizontal triangles. Next, draw a thick belt underneath and add the lycra.

  • The shoulder pads should be slightly curved at the top and should connect where the armpits are at the bottom.
  • Lycra forms around the upper thighs and ends just below the belt. It connects in the space between Wolverine's legs.
Draw Wolverine Step 14
Draw Wolverine Step 14

Step 4. Draw the details of the boots and gloves

Wolverine's boots are similar to his mask. Draw a "V" shape that starts just below the kneecap and extends around the leg to the lower third of the thigh. The outer edges of the boots should go down and connect with the leg. Gloves are understood just below the elbow.

Add the three slots for Wolverine's claws on the back of his hands. Make the tops of the gloves concave, which means that the curve arches outward

Part 4 of 4: Finish the drawing

Draw Wolverine Step 15
Draw Wolverine Step 15

Step 1. Finish making the lines and details

Add muscles to Wolverine. The easiest way to add muscles is to follow the outline of the different parts of the arms and legs that you have drawn. Hands can be difficult to draw. Make the hands into fists or stick out their claws to make it easier. The feet are flat and slope slightly inward before widening in the leg.

  • Add an "X" in the middle of the belt to form the "X-Men" logo.
  • Erase any remaining sketch lines.
  • Go over the outline of the drawing again and add more lines to connect any areas you may have missed.
Draw Wolverine Step 16
Draw Wolverine Step 16

Step 2. Color Wolverine

Put the base color. Wolverine has four colors: black, yellow, blue, and red. Paint the shoulder pads, boots, gloves, and spandex blue. The body and the top of his head are yellow and the belt is red.

  • Wolverine's boots have a black line that connects the two points and runs down the middle of his boots.
  • The claws or claw holes can be silver in color if desired.
  • Leaves eyes white.
Draw Wolverine Step 17
Draw Wolverine Step 17

Step 3. Add highlights and shadows

If you want to give it a better finish, you can add some shadows to give more depth to the drawing. Add some shadow around the muscle lines, neck, and boots.

  • Boot flaps should shade the legs, so add some shade under the kneecaps.
  • To better define your pecs, abs, and muscles, you can add a bit of shading around the muscle lines to make the area appear elevated.


  • Don't be discouraged if the drawing doesn't look the way you want it to. It takes a lot of practice to develop real skills. Keep practicing and you will quickly see an improvement.
  • Have a good draft on hand.
  • Use an image of Wolverine to help you visualize certain parts of the body or suit.
  • Always use a pencil and draw thin lines until you are ready to add the final lines.
  • Take your time. Even when drawing general shapes, the slower you do it, the less you have to erase.

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