How to be a Directioner: 10 Steps (with pictures)

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How to be a Directioner: 10 Steps (with pictures)
How to be a Directioner: 10 Steps (with pictures)

One Directioner is a huge fan of “One Direction”, the British-Irish boy band. The Directioners are dedicated to the five members of the band: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Toomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and people related to them. If you like these guys and enjoy their music, then you definitely rank as a fan. If you want to be something more and become a Directioner, this article is especially for you because you will become a Directioner in just 10 steps. It also gives you information about One Direction and guides you to become an engaged fan by giving you some helpful tips and tricks.


Be a Directioner Step 1
Be a Directioner Step 1

Step 1. Learn about the history of One Direction

If you've only heard of them, find out about the band's past. A fan knows a bit of a band's history, but a Directioner knows everything. It is important that you know some basic information, as well as some other unknown. Here is a list of ten cool facts about One Direction and its members:

  • Louis Tomlinson is the oldest of the band, he was born on December 24, 1991. Zayn Malik is the second oldest, he was born on January 12, 1993. Next is Liam Payne, whose date of birth is August 29, 1993. Then Niall Horan, who was born on September 13, 1993. Finally, Harry Styles, the youngest of the band, whose date of birth is February 1, 1994.
  • Their real names are Zain (now called Zayn), Javadd Malik, Harold Edwards Styles, Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan, and Louis William Tomlinson.
  • Louis and Zayn are Capricorn, Harry is Aquarius, and Niall and Liam are Virgo.
  • One Direction was created on July 23, 2010 at 8:22 pm on the show The X Factor. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam auditioned as soloists for the show in 2010. Unfortunately, they were eliminated from training camp, but Simon Cowell kept them as a group on the show, thus reaching 3rd place.
  • Liam Payne had already auditioned for The X Factor in 2008, when he was 14 years old. Simon Cowell called him to do it again two years later. Liam does not drink alcohol because he only has one kidney, however on August 7, 2012, Liam tweeted the positive results of an ultrasound for his kidney malfunction, indicating that he had recovered.
  • As of December 2013, Liam has been dating Sophia Smith, Louis with Eleanor Calder, and Zayn with Perrie Edwards. Harry and Niall aren't dating anyone right now. Zayn's ex-partner is Rebecca Ferguson, a fellow combatant from The X Factor show, Harry's is Caroline Flack, and Louis's is Hannah Walker.
  • The members auditioned as soloists for The X Factor with the following songs: Niall Horan sang “So sick”; Liam Payne, "Cry me a river"; Louis Tomlinson, "Hey there Delilah"; Zayn Malik, "Let me love you" and Harry Styles, "Isn't she lovely."
  • All the members of the band have sisters, except Niall, who has an older brother named Greg.
  • In just two years, One Direction won all the Teen Choice Awards for which they were nominated, released the hit song “What makes you beautiful” and the renowned album called “Up All Night”, made 3 music videos and conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the world.
  • These are just a few facts about One Direction, there are many more. If you are interested in becoming a true Directioner, look for more information on Google and YouTube. At the end of this article you will find a list of informative videos, including a list of links with more information.
  • It is important to know their data, take the phrases of the boys, their quotes and songs. At the end, you will find links and quotes to help you.
Be a Directioner Step 2
Be a Directioner Step 2

Step 2. Meet the band members

Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis are more than just talented singers. They are mature guys with a great personality. A true Directioner knows everything about the members of the band, as if they were his best friends.

  • Niall James Horan He is the only Irishman in the band. He is originally from Mullingar, Ireland and his nickname is Nialler. Niall loves food, especially the one at Nando’s Restaurant. He's 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), the shortest of the band, and his laughter can be heard from before he enters the room. He is very close to Liam. Check the list of links at the end of the note for more information on Niall Horan.
  • Louis William Tomlinson is the joker of the group. He is originally from Doncaster, England and his nicknames are "the cutest in Dancaster" (Swagmasta from Doncasta) and "Boobear", because that is what his mother called him as a baby. Louis's name is not pronounced "Lewis", but "Lou-ee." His style is to wear striped shirts, red pants and suspenders. Some of his phrases are "I like girls who eat carrots" and "! No! Jimmy protested”(No! Jimmy protested). She has an affair with Harry Styles, known as Larry Stylinson, even though they are NOT dating much. Check the list of links at the end of the note for more information on Louis Tomlinson.
  • Zayn Javadd Malik is the mysterious One Direction, who can be a bit crazy at times. Originally from Bradford, England, his nickname is “Bradford's Bad Boy” (Bradford’s Badboi). Zayn is half Pakistani by his father and half British by his mother; her family is Muslim. He has three sisters Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa. Zayn frequently wears jackets. His common phrase is "What's up?" (Are you going Happenin?). Check out the list of links at the end of the note for more information on Zayn Malik.
  • Liam James Payne He is the mature man of the band. He is originally from Wolverhampton, England. Known as "Daddy Direction" (Daddy Direction), for his responsibility. He has a phobia of spoons and generally initiates all of the band's songs. His style is to wear plaid shirts. Liam only has one kidney, so he can't drink alcohol. Check out the list of links at the end of the note for more information on Liam Payne.
  • Harry Edward Styles He has curly hair and is the flirt of the group. He is originally from Holmes Chapel, England. He is the youngest of the band and his nickname is "Hazza". She loves cats and her favorite food is tacos. He is known for his solo "What Makes You Beautiful" and also likes movies for women, such as "The Notebook." Check the list of links at the end of the note for more information on Harry Styles.
  • As a Directioner, it is fine that you prefer one (s) of the band, but you cannot dislike any of its members or the people related to it. Directionaters are "fans" who dislike some of the band and still claim to be Directioners. The Directioners appreciate all the members of One Direction.
Be a Directioner Step 3
Be a Directioner Step 3

Step 3. Acquire One Direction music to support the band

By purchasing their music you will support them and give them the opportunity to top the music charts. Buy his album "Up All Night" anywhere in the world. Do it to take them to the top and you will be a Directioner. Please do not download his music over the internet. A true Directioner wouldn't do it because it would hurt his career. Here is a list of their songs.

  • One Direction - Back For You
  • One Direction - Best Song Ever
  • One Direction - Better Than Words
  • One Direction - Diana
  • One Direction - Don't Forget Where You Belong
  • One Direction - Gotta Be You
  • One Direction - Happily
  • One Direction - I Want
  • One Direction - I Wish
  • One Direction - I Would
  • One Direction - Kiss You
  • One Direction - Last First Kiss
  • One Direction - Little Black Dress
  • One Direction - Little Things
  • One Direction - Little White Lies
  • One Direction - Live While We're Young
  • One Direction - Midnight Memories
  • One Direction - Moments
  • One Direction - More Than This
  • One Direction - One Thing
  • One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)
  • One Direction - Over Again
  • One Direction - Right Now
  • One Direction - Rock Me
  • One Direction - Something Great
  • One Direction - Stand Up
  • One Direction - Story of My Life
  • One Direction - Strong
  • One Direction - Summer Love
  • One Direction - Taken
  • One Direction - Tell Me A Lie
  • One Direction - Through The Dark
  • One Direction - Up All Night
  • One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
  • One Direction - You & I

    Be a Directioner Step 3
    Be a Directioner Step 3
  • Your Math Skills Are Terrible (Parody)
  • Vas Happenin Boys (related to One Direction)
  • Nando's song
Be a Directioner Step 4
Be a Directioner Step 4

Step 4. "What Makes You Beautiful" is not the only One Direction song

Many claim to be Directioners, but they only know that song. A Directioner knows all the songs of One Direction. A list of your songs was mentioned in the previous step.

Be a Directioner Step 5
Be a Directioner Step 5

Step 5. Use YouTube to watch the band's videos

Watch their music videos; that generates more views, making them better known in the world. For now, One Direction has 12 music videos. The other videos related to One Direction can also be found on YouTube.

  • Gotta be you
  • One Thing
  • What Makes You Beautiful
Be a Directioner Step 6
Be a Directioner Step 6

Step 6. Make contact with One Direction

Like all a Directioner, it is important that you contact the band. This way you will know when they are going on tour, releasing a new album or if they are going somewhere close to where you are.

  • Like One Direction on Facebook. They only have an official Facebook account, mentioned later. Any other account claiming to be One Direction is bogus; however, there are plenty of fan pages on Facebook that can keep you up to date, if you like them.
  • Follow One Direction, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and the people related to them on Twitter. The list of official Twitter accounts is mentioned later in the links section.
  • Subscribe to One Direction's official Vevo YouTube account to view its related videos.
  • Visit the official One Direction page to stay updated (mentioned later in the links section).
  • Acquire the magazines for teenagers, such as J-14, Popstar, Bop, among others. These magazines feature interviews; however, not all the information is correct.
  • Create and follow fan accounts on social media.
Be a Directioner Step 7
Be a Directioner Step 7

Step 7. Purchase One Direction products

If you have extra money, show your commitment to the band by buying their products. If you are short on cash, you can skip this step.

  • "Up All Night," his first studio-recorded album, is available in most music stores and shopping malls. In addition, the band also wrote a book called "One Direction: Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction". In addition, DVDs of his incredible career are also available.
  • Acquire the magazines, posters, and photos of the band members.
  • Buy One Direction clothing, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more; They are available at the official One Direction and Delia’s stores. Use them to show that you support the band.
  • Shop for One Direction school supplies available at Target stores.
  • Buy the other products from the official One Direction store, such as mugs, keychains, among others.
Be a Directioner Step 8
Be a Directioner Step 8

Step 8. Follow your dreams

Every Directioner's dream is to meet One Direction. All Directioners deserve to know them as they are completely dedicated to them. Here's a list of how you can get to know them.

  • One Direction has organized tours. Find out if the band will visit your location (or a nearby area). Remember that tickets sell out quickly, so find out about the points of sale in advance.
  • If the band is not performing near you, tweet it. They may see it on Twitter and add concerts to the tour in venues near your area.
  • Try to see them at events held to welcome and meet them or autograph signing events. Search online beforehand about holding these events near your location and see how to get a bracelet.
  • Do not show up unexpectedly at the home of one of the gang members. There is a big difference between being a stalker and a Directioner.
  • Do not give up! You can meet a member of the band at the movies or in the park, you never know! Unfortunately, not all Directioners will be able to meet One Direction, but the most important thing is not to lose hope.
Be a Directioner Step 9
Be a Directioner Step 9

Step 9. Don't hate

Don't hate any member or person related to One Direction. Hating one of them does not make you a Directioner, it makes you a Directionater (a false fanatic).

  • Hating the girlfriends of the band members (Eleanor, Perrie, Sophia, etc) is not right.
  • Hating ex-girlfriends of band members won't bring you closer to them either.
  • Hating a member of the band (Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry) does not make you Directioner.
  • If you truly support this band, you will appreciate everyone equally.
Be a Chavette Step 4
Be a Chavette Step 4

Step 10. Be original and committed

Directioners are recognized for being dedicated, not obsessed. Prove it! Here are some ideas.

  • Create a scrapbook
  • Wear the clothes of One Direction
  • Listen to the music of One Direction
  • Eat carrots
  • Paint your nails with a One Direction theme
  • Write an article about One Direction
  • Read One Direction fan fictions
  • Write One Direction fan fictions
  • Create a Facebook page about One Direction
  • Follow One Direction trends on Twitter and Facebook
  • Be original. Come up with wonderful ideas on how to get involved with the band

Information on YouTube

    • Information about One Direction
    • Information about Niall Horan
    • Information about Louis Tomlinson
    • Information about Zayn Malik
    • Information about Liam Payne
    • Information about Harry Styles


  1. Twitters. The official One Direction Twitter accounts are as follows:

    • one direction
    • Niall Horan
    • Zayn Malik
    • Louis Tomlinson
    • Liam payne
    • Harry Styles
  2. Facebook. The only official One Direction page is One Direction Music; however, there are other fan-run Facebook pages where you can find more information about the band.
  3. The official website of One Direction "is One Direction website

    • One Direction Official Store
    • YouTube channel
  4. Other links related to One Direction "

    • One Direction fan fictions
    • Fan website


    • Accept their quirks.
    • Watch One Direction videos on YouTube.
    • Learn some of the 1D phrases like "Vas Happenin", "Carrots", "Pussy Cats" "Forks not spoons", "POTATO!" and their meanings.
    • When it comes to being committed, try to be creative. If you ever run into them, create a scrapbook that you can give them as a gift.
    • Learn as much as you can about One Direction.
    • Listen to all the songs of One Direction and choose your favorite.
    • To contact them, follow them on Twitter.
    • Watch his movie "This Is Us." You will learn everything you need to know about them.

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