How to create a famous singing group (with pictures)

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How to create a famous singing group (with pictures)
How to create a famous singing group (with pictures)

Starting a singing group can be a very difficult task. You have to take into account many things if you want to have the opportunity to be a star. If you find the right people, rehearse, and get a chance to play, you could be well on your way to joining groups such as The Jacksons, The Temptations, The Supremes, and Boys II Men.


Part 1 of 4: Finding the Right Members

Start a Famous Singing Group Step 1
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 1

Step 1. Determine what type of group you want

You need to have a clear goal and vision before embarking on a large project, like putting together a band.

  • Decide on the type of group you want so that you have a clear vision for it from the beginning.
  • You will need to choose the musical style of the group. The musical style will determine the number of people in the group, where you look for singers and instrumentalists, and how you find an agent or representative.
  • Most of the popular styles for singing groups are madrigal, a cappella, pop, hip-hop, vocal jazz, rock etc.
  • The type of group you want to build will determine where you go to find new members.
  • For example, if you want a religious singing group, you should look for church members or perhaps people who sing in a church choir.
  • If you want people who can play instruments, you could ask people who are in band class at your school.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 2
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 2

Step 2. Determine the type of voices you want for the singers in the group

This will depend on various factors.

  • There are some styles of music that involve only 2 or 3 singers, while there are others (for example, pop or a cappella) in which there may be 5 or more.
  • You will need to choose the gender of the members. Do you want an all-girls or only boys group, or a co-ed group?
  • In case you opt for a mixed group, you will also need to determine the number of male voices and female voices that you will need for the proper sound.
  • If they are a rock or country group, there may only be one singer. All other members of the band must have a role other than backing singers. In groups of this type, there is usually a vocalist and a group of musicians who play guitar, bass and drums.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 3
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 3

Step 3. Hold auditions

In order to find people to join your group, you could organize an audition of some kind so that people will come to you.

  • You will need to publicize the event (make flyers, tell everyone you know, post an ad in the local newspaper, etc.).
  • Post flyers around your school, at local businesses, at church, and at local events.
  • Post an ad in the newspaper. This can be helpful for interested musicians and singers to find you.
  • Talk to people at your church or community center. They can help you spread the word about your group and the audition.
  • Try to advertise the event on social media (eg, Facebook and Twitter).
  • It is also possible to post an ad on Craigslist and other websites.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 4
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 4

Step 4. Ask around in your community

If you know people who are already in bands or singing groups, you can ask them if they know anyone who is currently looking to join a group.

  • Post about it on social media.
  • Ask your old band or music teacher if they know anyone who is interested.
  • Do your best to draw attention to your project so that you can find the talented people you will need to be part of your group.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 5
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 5

Step 5. Identify a leader

Even if all the singing members have equal shares in the group, there must still be a designated leader.

  • This will be the person who interacts with your representative, recruiting agents, community members, and the press.
  • This person will need to ensure that the group's vision remains intact.
  • Make sure it is a person who can work with all the personalities in the group. Don't forget that everyone should be able to get along and collaborate effectively.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 6
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 6

Step 6. Determine the parts that each person will play

A group will work best if everyone is clear about their roles. Parts are usually assigned based on the skill level and talent of people in specific areas.

  • In case a group member has a beautiful tenor voice, it would be foolish to assign the high pitched singing parts to him.
  • A member of the group who is good at choreography can be in charge of putting together the dance routines.
  • Certain members of the group may be better than others at playing a certain instrument or singing in a certain style. Assign roles based on individual strengths and expertise.
  • In a rock group, each person is more likely to play a different instrument and have a vocalist.
  • Make sure each person understands that they cannot always be the center of attention. For example, not all rock songs have a drum solo, and therefore the drummer may not always stand out.

Part 2 of 4: Prepare the group

Start a Famous Singing Group Step 7
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 7

Step 1. Choose a name

Choosing a group name is one of the most important decisions you will make for your group at an early stage.

  • This is the name that others will remember, the one they will endlessly promote, and hopefully the one that will make them famous.
  • Consider what your band's name says about their style and personalities, and how it fits in with the kinds of songs they want to sing.
  • Think of something catchy and daring. They should have a creative name that attracts an audience.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 8
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 8

Step 2. Rehearse your music often

You can't expect to become an overnight star without a well-rehearsed repertoire of music.

  • For starters, cover popular songs that everyone in the band likes.
  • If you're in a band where everyone plays an instrument, learn a few set versions of songs before trying to compose your own material.
  • At concerts, start with song covers and then gradually introduce your own material.
  • Work out all the details, refine your parts, and see what happens.
  • They have to spend many, many hours rehearsing to make sure everything is going to be perfect when they start to actually perform in front of other people.
  • First impressions can be key. Be careful to rehearse your first public performance well.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 9
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 9

Step 3. Find a representative

You can represent yourself, especially at the beginning of your group's career.

  • If they begin to accumulate opportunities to play, it might be a good idea to find someone with professional experience as a representative to help you and your band members navigate the often complex music scene.
  • Having a representative for the band has many benefits. For example, you can get them playing opportunities, help them connect with a recording studio, and help them manage the group's finances.
  • It is very important to hire someone you completely trust as your representative. Avoid letting someone rip you off or push you in a direction you're not comfortable with.
  • Do not forget that you will have to pay him for his time and his work. He will work very hard for you to help you succeed. They will need to agree to fair compensation for their time and effort.

Part 3 of 4: Finding Opportunities to Play

Start a Famous Singing Group Step 10
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 10

Step 1. Introduce yourselves locally as much as you can

Introduce yourself for free at the beginning so that you can develop a good reputation and followers.

  • Get together with your group on the weekends and show up on a street corner or in a park, although you should be careful that this does not violate local ordinances.
  • Bring your group business cards with you so you can hand them out to people who stop to listen.
  • Performing in a small group at first will help your group feel comfortable in front of an audience, which can only help them improve the quality of their music.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 11
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 11

Step 2. Play local parties

Ask your friends and neighbors if they might show up at parties they might be throwing.

  • The more you expose your group where others can hear them, the better.
  • Even if it's just a small block party, it's still better for your group than not showing up at all.
  • Volunteer to be the entertainment at charity events and parties. This can really help your music and band get their name out there.
  • Play local fairs and community events. After developing a reputation, they may start charging a small fee.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 12
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 12

Step 3. Participate in local talent shows

Find out if there is a local talent show of any kind in your community and sign up.

  • This is a great way to get involved with the community, get multiple people to listen to your music, and open the door to new opportunities for your group.
  • There are many now famous bands and musicians (eg Rhianna and Usher) who started out by playing local, small talent shows.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 13
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 13

Step 4. Contact local establishments

Find out which clubs, bars, restaurants or venues have live music and ask how you might be considered to play there.

  • The venue may ask you to send them a demo tape or attend a live audition there.
  • Regardless of what they ask for, you must be careful to prepare yourself and present the best image of your group.
  • Be careful that the venue is appropriate for your type of group. For example, you wouldn't want to perform at a hip hop club if your style is more jazz or rock. On the other hand, if your style is loud and controversial, you should avoid places suitable for the whole family.
Buy a Drum Kit Step 11
Buy a Drum Kit Step 11

Step 5. Ask other groups if you can be their opening act

This can be a great way to get short public presentations and gain attention.

  • In case you know any other group, offer to be their opening act for their concerts.
  • Typically, an opening act performs only a few songs and introduces the main band or group.
  • This is a great way for rock groups to expose themselves. Sometimes a main group will ask you to open for a short tour.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 14
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 14

Step 6. Make flyers

Every time you have an upcoming presentation, make flyers and post them around town.

  • Make sure your flyers are exciting and eye-catching so that more people will take the time to look at them.
  • Include all the information (for example, the place, time, date and price of the gig).
  • Be careful to indicate on the steering wheel if the gig is for all ages or for those over 18 or 21 years old.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 15
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 15

Step 7. Promote your gigs online

Just a few years ago, people had no choice but to promote themselves solely through word of mouth, flyers, or radio advertisements.

  • Advances in technology and the internet have made work of this type much easier and more effective.
  • Use the internet to your advantage and actively promote your group on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • By having an online presence, you make it easy for your fans to find you, for people to contact you about hiring them for performances, and for your music to be exposed for others to hear.

Part 4 of 4: Keeping the Group Spirit Alive

Start a Famous Singing Group Step 16
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 16

Step 1. Boost morale

Take care that your group members feel appreciated and valued.

  • Let them know that you respect their contribution to the group dynamic and that they wouldn't be where they are as a group without each of them.
  • Everyone needs to feel that they are an important part of the group.
  • Make sure everyone stays informed about the plans, the gigs and all the events.
  • You must not leave anyone in the group uninformed.
  • Avoid gossip. Avoid spreading rumors about the other members of the group.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 17
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 17

Step 2. Do activities together

It's easy to get carried away with the business aspects of creating and practicing music together.

  • Make sure to set aside time to do fun things together as a group.
  • Because you spend so much time together, it is important that you work on your friendship as much as you work on your voices.
  • Take time to go to a party together or spend the day at an amusement park. Regardless of what they do, just make sure you have fun with your group members.
  • Participating in a sport or charity event can be a fun team building experience.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 18
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 18

Step 3. Conduct regular rehearsals

There is nothing that makes a group feel more anchored to the same mission than playing well together.

  • You need to rehearse to reach this level.
  • The more you rehearse, the less likely one or more of you will make mistakes during your presentations.
  • Rehearse until all members of the group have memorized the routine or songs and can play them perfectly each time.
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 19
Start a Famous Singing Group Step 19

Step 4. Hold group meetings

Group meetings are a great way to make sure all members are on the same page and satisfied with the way things are going with the group.

  • Making sure all members feel their opinion matters is important to keeping a group together, and a great platform for this to happen is a group meeting.
  • Talk about your upcoming gigs and events to make sure everyone knows what your obligations are.
  • Use these meetings to divide the work among the group members. This can be anything from buying supplies to coordinating with a local, advertising, etc.
  • Take care that if there is a problem in the group, it is discussed when everyone is present.
  • In case there are conflicts in the group, stay calm and treat everyone with respect.


  • You want to make sure you get along with the members of your group.
  • Know your audience from the beginning. Determine if you want your main fan base to be young children, teenagers, or adults. This will help you evaluate your music and compose new music.
  • Never stop believing in yourself or your group.
  • Always listen to the ideas of the other members of the band.
  • Avoid getting discouraged when it comes to composing your own songs.


  • Whenever you and your group members start to disagree, relax and talk to their representative.
  • Be careful with the fame. Read the article How to Cope with Fame for more information.
  • While there is no problem with being confident in yourself, you shouldn't start to feel overconfident. You need to be able to maintain a bond with the members of your group or else things will fall apart.
  • Also, your fans must be able to identify with you, and behaving arrogantly will not help them to do so.

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