How to make your little band famous without money

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How to make your little band famous without money
How to make your little band famous without money

Promoting your band is not as simple as selling t-shirts or playing shows. You may not see the benefits of this job right away. However, the promotion will be significant, as it will allow a large number of people to notice your band. Through the use of social networks, you will be able to communicate with a large number of people if you use the internet in an innovative way. Obviously, you should not focus your efforts only on the internet; you will also have to get involved with the music scene in your community. If you start by connecting with your local scene, move on to other means of promotion and try to get a contract; you could develop a larger audience for free or at least with a small amount of money.


Part 1 of 3: Connect with the local scene

Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 1
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 1

Step 1. Hang flyers

This may seem obvious to you, but there is a reason why it is effective. Remember the number of times you have seen a flyer on a telephone pole or bulletin board. You have noticed them because they stand out. So, create a distinctive yet simple flyer that indicates where and when your band will be playing. For example, you can post a flyer in your local coffee shop. This is a wonderful way to get noticed.

Put a link on the flyer that leads to their Twitter username or Facebook profile. This will show that they have a digital presence as well as a physical one

Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 2
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 2

Step 2. Have your music played on the radio

This will not be easy, but they can do it. To be successful, you must reach out to radio shows that play music of your genre. Send links to various radio shows and internet radios. You might be surprised by the interest in these shows!

  • Submit your songs to online music podcasts! There are people who create podcasts every week, in which they cover new music. Use the internet to find them and send songs to the people who make them.
  • Find a local radio station and determine if they want to listen to your music. Perhaps your city has a university where you can find out if they have a radio station. There are student radio stations that play new music. You can even find out if they would let you play at the station!
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 3
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 3

Step 3. Tap on a community space

Go to a talent show at a community center. Play acoustic songs in the park. These are great ways to get people in your community to see and hear your band. For example, playing a carnival in your community is a great way to get noticed. You can also find out if they can play wedding or birthday parties.

If your city has a record store, you might be able to find out if you can play there. Go to a record store that you frequent and ask the manager if they have allowed bands to play in the store in the past. They will usually be excited for your band to perform as it will attract more people to the store. You will be targeting people who are interested in listening to new music. They might even sell a few copies of your album

Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 4
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 4

Step 4. Work as a DJ at parties and clubs

You don't have to be awesome to DJ at a party. Find out if there are any events in your area that need a DJ. Not only will you be able to play the music you like, but you will also be able to mention that you play in a band. You can expose people to your music and you can even play a song that your band has made.

Part 2 of 3: Attract a larger audience

Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 5
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 5

Step 1. Participate in interviews

Start sending press releases to your local music magazines. At first, you may not get a lot of attention, but as time goes on, you may find a journalist who wants to chat with you. Find out if your bandmates have friends or family who are journalists. When they agree to talk to you, be ready to mention any new projects the band is working on. An interview will allow people to learn more about the band.

  • You don't have to directly ask a reporter to interview your band. You can only ask a question like "Do you write articles about local bands?" If he says yes, you can tell him that you are in a band. I could ask you to be in the next article!
  • Take this opportunity to promote your presentations. People should know where and when they are going to play. Talk about your influences and the music you like. People who read the interview and notice that you like a band that they also like will definitely be interested in your music.
  • You should try to spread this interview in every possible way. Make sure you get a link to the interview when it's online. After getting the link, post it on social media and the band's website.
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 6
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 6

Step 2. Get criticized

Send demos to music publications, magazines, and blogs. You should do it no matter how confident you are of the work they have produced. Indeed, taste is subjective and it might seem scary that someone else you don't know is judging your work. However, even if criticism destroys your work, they will still recognize your name. There is also the likelihood that the person who gets your record will adore it. You should try to communicate with people on the local scene first, as they will be more likely to evaluate your album.

Submit the most music to online media. Blogs are a good starting point. There are hundreds of blogs dedicated to music. You should focus on blogs that focus on your music genre

Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 7
Get Your Small Band Famous for No Money Step 7

Step 3. Launch your music for free

Give an album over the internet. If people don't have to pay for your songs, they will be more likely to listen to them. Giving away your music will allow people to give your band a chance before they commit to buying what you have to sell. Create a page on a platform like Bandcamp and place your album. You can set the price to zero. If you want to go the analog way, you can burn 40 CDs, decorate them, and deliver them to places that people frequent.

You can also publish your music on Youtube, Spotify and SoundCloud

Step 4. Create a web presence

This is not easy, but it can be done. Obviously, you will have to choose which platform is the most appropriate to promote your band's content. Facebook is usually the option of choice, due to its popularity and ubiquity. In this case, you must create a page for your band. You can also use Instagram and Twitter. Try to get everyone in your band to share the link to this page as often as possible. Maybe your band members have blogs, so you could ask them to write about the band. They have to spread the description of the band as much as they can.

They may have to create their own website. On the website, you can place the biographical details of the band, its place of origin and musical genre. It doesn't have to be flashy, but it should let people know what the band is like

Step 5. Make a cover album

Record covers of popular songs that you like. People enjoy new interpretations of their favorite songs. They must upload their covers to the internet. Upload them to YouTube or SoundCloud. When people search for these songs, they will also find your cover versions.

Step 6. Let other people remix your songs

You have probably listened to a lot of songs in remix version. If you have a friend who knows how to do it, let him remix one of your band's songs. This is a wonderful way to get more listeners, as it shows that you are willing to experiment. You could get a new audience for your music by doing so. Once your song is remixed, ask your friend to post it online.

Part 3 of 3: Get a contract

Step 1. Talk to small record labels

You might know some bands that have signed contracts with small record labels in your area. This is a wonderful way to lighten the promotional load, so to speak. A record label does promotional work for some of your bands and may develop others. Independent record labels are always on the lookout for cool new sounds.

Step 2. Submit music to record labels

You must be very careful when doing it. Make a list of approximately 15 record labels. Sort the list from most to least desired. After doing so, be sure to start researching the top 5 or 6 options. It is not enough to bombard them with music. Follow their social media pages and chat with their representatives. You will need to develop a connection with these record labels before you start sending them music. Once you've developed a connection, you should start sending your music to them.

Step 3. Create your own stamp

This is not as impossible as it seems. What's more, hundreds of record labels have started because their creators wanted to release their own music. By creating a specific plan for how you plan to do business, you are already on your way to reaching your goal. The next thing you need to do is get money. You and your gang members should save as much money as possible. After doing so, choose an inexpensive medium with which to release your music. Cassettes and compact discs are relatively inexpensive formats. If they release one, they will have complete control of their music.

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