How to Make a Star Wars Movie: 10 Steps

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How to Make a Star Wars Movie: 10 Steps
How to Make a Star Wars Movie: 10 Steps

For fun, you might find it fun to play make the next big episode in the Star Wars Saga using your own homemade film crew. It won't be as spectacular as Hollywood special effects, but if you focus on the fun of making a movie and use your creativity, you will enjoy the experience and learn things in the process!


Part 1 of 4: Developing the Movie

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 1
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 1

Step 1. Come up with a plot

Focus on a topic of your own. Maybe you need to make it really original, such as the Great Sith War or the New Republic. You can also visit many different places to represent different planets, or just make one on location.

A Jedi could walk through the neighborhood and then be attacked by two Sith. You could also complicate the story by putting it before or after the movies, or even in between

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 2
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 2

Step 2. Make it fun

The humor will enhance the amateur movie, allowing a lot of license for the amateur scenario and story! Add a few jokes and jokes to the movie, as it wouldn't be a good movie without them. Make sure you understand people's styles, and make the humor suit each of them.

  • Make your own funny scenes. For instance:

    • Rebel 1 and Rebel 2 walk.
    • Rebel 1 collapses.
    • Rebel 2 calls his commanding officer.
    • Rebel 2: "Sir, my partner has collapsed and is not breathing, what should I do?"
    • Commander: "Make sure he's dead, then tell me."
    • Rebel 2 shoots Rebel 1.
    • Rebel 2: "Now what?"
  • Make a parody of the original movies. The parody is funny and clever. Creating a parody script will teach you a lot about analysis and writing.
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 3
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 3

Step 3. Produce a script

You'll need it for the actors to follow and to let them know that the movie has a full plot.

Part 2 of 4: Create the Backdrop and Effects

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 4
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 4

Step 1. Make a location

You will need at least one location to film on.

  • If you live near a city or in one you could do it on Coruscant (see episode 1, 2, 3).
  • If you live in the forest, it would be a good idea to make the movie in Kashyyk (see Episode 3) or Endor (see Episode 6).
  • If you live in a place such as Arizona (desert), you could do it on Tatooine (see Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6).
  • If you live in the mountains, do it in Hoth (see Episode 5). Or, if you live in mountains with forest or snow (never use both, unless you are creating your own planet), you can make forest moons such as Endor or Yavin 4, or ice planets like Hoth.
  • If you have a large field, you could do it on Naboo (see Episode 1 or 2).
  • If you live near a swamp, do it on Dagobah (Episode 5).
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 5
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 5

Step 2. Use good effects

Don't just shoot the movie with toy lightsabers and pistols and make whistling sounds with your mouth. Download Lsmaker or FXhome visionlab Studio (both have a lightsaber effects program). Add other sound effects from the internet.

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 6
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 6

Step 3. Find the right music

You can play it on your guitar, but you can improve it by adding the real one. You can also get music from the Internet.

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 7
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 7

Step 4. Use a good editing program to put everything together

This will depend on your budget and the type of computer you have, so do your research to get the best of what you can afford.

Part 3 of 4: Gather the Staff

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 8
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 8

Step 1. Get some actors

Remember how Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) circled the Millennium Falcon only to lose the Imperials in that asteroid field in "The Empire Strikes Back"? Well, to get characters with a good personality like Solo, you need actors with an equally good personality.

  • Don't try to use movie characters too much, they won't look like real characters at all (unless you have a really good makeup artist), and people will get confused. Try making your own characters, or try making the character you know and love from a different era (for example, you could do Luke Skywalker growing up on Tatooine).
  • Droids are recommended, but they are optional. If you decide to use droids, you can get some costumes, and if the color of them doesn't suit you, you can bleach or dye them.
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 9
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 9

Step 2. Get helpers for the filming

Get people who are comfortable with the camera, directing actors, making costumes, doing makeup, writing scripts, editing on the computer, etc. Wherever you have strengths, take on the role, otherwise find others to help you.

Part 4 of 4: Show the film

Make a Star Wars Movie Step 10
Make a Star Wars Movie Step 10

Step 1. Gather your family and friends for a movie night

Include lots of popcorn and let it roll.


  • Having software that supports special effects such as Adobe After Effects can help you give lightsabers a glow effect like in real movies.
  • Upload the movie to from your computer to get your stuff out there.
  • You can use Windows Movie Maker to do it. You can cut, paste and export in one program.
  • Keep up to date with Star Wars lore. The current canon, while new, is rich in history and events.
  • Understand the terms BBY and ABY. They are similar to AEC and AD in real life when it comes to calendars. BBY and BBY mean Before the Battle of Yavin and After the Battle of Yavin, and so they tell us when each story takes place before or after said battle.
  • Stay true to the Star Wars period of your choice. Suits and accessories MUST stay within the timeline, for example in the case of 34 BBY the T-65X-Wing was eliminated in favor of the superior T-70 X-Wing.


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