How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (With Pictures)

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How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (With Pictures)
How to Dress Like Jade West: 10 Steps (With Pictures)

If you are a big fan of the style of the character Jade West on the show “Victorious,” you might be interested in how she mixes her dark clothes with beautiful textures and fabrics, and wondering how to recreate her very special outfits. With a few essentials and a keen eye for fashion, you can embed Jade West's iconic style into your own sensibilities.


Part 1 of 3: Create a Wardrobe

Dress Like Jade West Step 1
Dress Like Jade West Step 1

Step 1. Take a look at Jade West's fan websites and take note of her style

Check out blogs, social media, or simply search for images of Jade West on web search engines. Her character dresses simply but with an unmistakable sense of style, preferring dark tones to pastel colors, with a balance between gothic and feminine.

  • Notice how Jade combines a solid but attractive bottom, like jeans, with a patterned top. She keeps the attention to detail, combining distressed jeans with solid color plaid-patterned garments. The large grid keeps the outfit from looking overloaded and provides a fun, edgy look. Leaving the top of the blouse unbuttoned maintains a casual and youthful look. Wearing a black sleeveless shirt underneath helps bring out this same color underneath the unbuttoned top, without making it look too fancy.
  • Study how she uses accessories in a variety of ways. Jade will likely choose a basic accessory color and summarize the whole concept by applying that color and its similar hues to the belt, shoes, and jewelry. To keep her appearance refined, Jade embodies those same shades in her nail polish. It is clear that something has been taken into account: accessories are the final touch of your outfit, so they are mixed with special attention. Think that less can be more when it comes to the combination of accessories and that you can combine a chunky ring with a simple necklace.
  • Brainstorm where the inspiration for Jade's style comes from. Hair extensions, studs, and rough (industrial-style) boots bring to mind the punk influence and biker fashion.
Dress Like Jade West Step 2
Dress Like Jade West Step 2

Step 2. Prefer dark colors and pleasant tones in versatile clothing pieces

When choosing essential pieces for your Jade West wardrobe, look for items that are both fashionable and adaptable. Choose clothes that you can adapt and wear in different ways, especially if you are working on a fixed budget.

  • A pair of dark-colored skinny jeans that are slightly worn or frayed, even with holes made on purpose, can be the focal point of various outfits. Choose pants that fit you very well; this will allow you to get many different styles.
  • Jade wears leggings (tights) regularly. Soft and comfortable leggings can be worn in various ways, alone or with other garments such as conventional blouses, skirts or tunics
  • Tutu-style skirts (multi-layered tulle ballet skirts) can be a welcome change from West's more tight-fitting styles.
  • Cotton shirts are an inexpensive way to maintain variety in your looks and they are also profitable. Make it a goal to fill your drawers with dark colors like forest green, navy blue, and gray. These neutral colors can be interchanged in many ways.
Dress Like Jade West Step 3
Dress Like Jade West Step 3

Step 3. Choose comfortable, flat military-style boots

Jade West has no limits when it comes to wearing combat clothing and footwear and she shies away from ribbons, bows and ruffles. Jade prefers solid, strong footwear like lace-up combat boots or black horse riding boots.

  • Visit military consignment stores, there you will find a variety of military-style boots. It is desirable that they have a rounded front and eyelets throughout the shoe, as well as long laces.
  • Long black boots better be plain. Look for small details like buckles to give you a biker look feel. Buckles and studs add dimension to an outfit as well as a more personalized look. Be careful not to buy things that are overloaded with studs, because you would fall into the extreme of exaggeration.
Dress Like Jade West Step 4
Dress Like Jade West Step 4

Step 4. Choose simple and bold accessories

Jade always wears a good amount of accessories and it is important to have ones that can be easily combined with each other. Prefer those with a color range that suits you, such as gold or silver.

  • She frequently wears several necklaces at the same time. By wearing multiple necklaces in solid metallic hues, you can easily combine them. If you use ones that reach the height of the navel, you can combine them with shorter ones. Don't be afraid to use geometric shapes, stones, or feathers.
  • Pay attention to leather bracelets. Jade wears necklaces and bracelets in a similar way: several at the same time. Pick up a pack of twenty, slim and solid-colored, to easily complement an eye-catching and important one.
  • Try the simplicity in the earrings. Jade almost always wears small earrings in black and gray colors. Make it a goal to expand your horizons, and instead of just earrings, try some faux pearls or glass earrings. Earrings can look pretty but they can also be heavy. Small earrings can help your earlobes begin to adjust to the weight.
  • If you don't have pierced ears, opt for stick-on or snap-on earrings. Small decals are easy to use, and those that hug the ears are a good alternative to getting pierced.
  • Try wearing bright rings. Choose ones that have large, dark stones, or that have several thin silver bands that you can stack on a single finger. Explore all of your fingers and look for even thinner bands to wear just before your second knuckle, running along almost the entire finger, to create an even more special look.

Part 2 of 3: Putting the pieces together

Dress Like Jade West Step 5
Dress Like Jade West Step 5

Step 1. Keep the look casual with jeans and T-shirts

If you want a routine look for school or work, go for a simple outfit. Pair skinny pants with a shirt. To get more out of your outfit, wear a buttoned, patterned top. Tuck the bottom of your jeans inside the boots for the finishing touch.

  • If you don't have a button-down print blouse, you can try a dark-hued shirt with graphics or illustrations. Another alternative would be dark leggings with a tunic-style top or a long sweater. If it feels too baggy, you can add a slim belt around your waist.
  • Upgrade and enhance your accessories. When you wear a casual outfit, we recommend exploring your accessory collection. You can combine necklaces (layered) with a thick ring, or small earrings (like studs) with a large number of bracelets.
  • In the cooler seasons of the year, you can always add a colorful scarf. With this, you will get a new dimension of texture to your casual outfit.
Dress Like Jade West Step 6
Dress Like Jade West Step 6

Step 2. Get a completely goth look with leggings and a skirt

Jade is not afraid to wear a skirt, and sometimes she combines it with leggings. You can wear a solid color skirt and patterned leggings or vice versa. Finish the look with a neutral gray blouse.

  • When combining leggings and skirt, it is important that you pay attention to the neutral colored blouse. This is to prevent an image clutter… it's easy to get carried away with color!
  • It is not bad to wear a skirt and boots! If you feel comfortable, do it!
  • Don't forget to stay in style. Jade never goes overboard when it comes to cleavage. Try to give a very classy image, like Jade.
  • For a different look, tuck the blouse inside your skirt. This can be even better with a skirt that fits at the waist.
Dress Metal (Girls) Step 5
Dress Metal (Girls) Step 5

Step 3. Wear a dress with a button-down blouse on top

Jade generally keeps her shoulders covered if she is wearing a sleeveless dress. If you have a simple black dress at home, you can do the same by taking your favorite Western-style button-down blouse and wearing it over or under the dress. Experiment with what feels most comfortable for you. If you don't like buttoning up your blouse, try a sweater. This can be useful to add warmth to your outfit in winter.

Another option to wear with the dress is a black jacket. Military boots and a studded zip-up jacket can add a punk rock look to even the most frilly and ruffled dresses

Part 3 of 3: Hairstyle and Makeup

Dress Like Jade West Step 7
Dress Like Jade West Step 7

Step 1. Add temporary color to your hair

Avoid the scolding and punishment of your parents and invest in inexpensive hair extensions that feature a clasp. These extensions are available in many colors and are an easy way to give your appearance a change, and they also prevent you from damaging your natural hair with blow-drying and coloring. If you can't find the length you want, feel free to fasten those extensions to your hair and then carefully cut them down to the length you want.

  • Focus on adding some color to the front of your face. Jade's hair extension frequently frames the front of her face. If you feel too bold, try this on the back of your hair.
  • Be careful when handling hair extensions. If they are inexpensive, they are probably synthetic and you run the risk of melting if you apply heat to them.
Make Eyes Look Bigger Step 10
Make Eyes Look Bigger Step 10

Step 2. Eye makeup should be classic and simple

Regardless of your eye color, Jade's neutral but bold makeup will look great. Just be careful not to over paint yourself, because with dark tones you easily run the risk of “going overboard” and looking sloppy or overdone. Don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries: makeup is all about experimentation.

  • Apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow over your entire eyelid. Keep in mind that Jade's eyelids almost always have a similar color to her skin, and that you must maintain a natural look.
  • Use eyeliner (thick tip) for eyes like Jade's. Close your eye and use the pencil to gently line all over the eyelid. The first few times it may be easier if you use a cotton swab to check the lines and possible flaws; You can also use it to remove excess makeup and prevent a "too black" look, or "raccoon eyes". When you work the lower part of the eye, just apply a small amount of pencil and then, with a cotton swab, you can blur that line.
  • When applying lash mascara, you can rotate the brush from the root of the lashes to the tip. Move the brush gently back and forth horizontally for full coverage. This way, your lashes will look thick and natural. If you notice that some have stuck, carefully separate them with a cotton swab or toothpick.
Get Pouty Lips Step 9
Get Pouty Lips Step 9

Step 3. Try a soft lip color

Jade makeup flatters lips in neutral and pink tones. Traditional lipstick can be difficult to handle and maintain, so you can choose a colored gloss or balm. The balm will keep your lips a nice matte color and will only add a touch of color to your natural tone, while also keeping you moisturized. The glitter will add a good amount of glow to your smile.

  • If you are looking to emulate the look of Jade with red lips, you may need to experiment on your own skin color. Reddish tones can be a bit difficult and may require some experimentation to find the one that works best for you. Try cherry, fire red, or coral sparkles.
  • To prevent color from sticking to your teeth, make a letter "O" face with your lips while sucking on one of your fingers. Quickly remove your finger while keeping your wrist. Next, place a painted kiss on a flat surface of absorbent paper. What you did with the letter "O" grimace will allow your finger to remove any excess lipstick color or gloss from the inside of your lips, and the kiss on the paper surface will help remove any excess lipstick color. or shine and it will prevent it from going back into your mouth.


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