3 ways to watch the classic version of Doctor Who

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3 ways to watch the classic version of Doctor Who
3 ways to watch the classic version of Doctor Who

Doctor Who (also known as Doctor Mystery in some countries) has been attracting public attention for more than fifty years and has become a cult series. Many people forget that before this exciting time, there was a much simpler Doctor Who series, aimed at children. The series overcame cancellation threats, an actual cancellation, and criticism from people who hated it. It is important that modern fans know the origin of the series.


Method 1 of 3: Stream the Classic Series

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 1
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 1

Step 1. Watch it on Hulu

Hulu has the most comprehensive collection of the classic version of Doctor Who. To watch it on Hulu, you need to create a Hulu Plus account. Although they only have five full seasons, there are a total of 413 episodes. This is the abbreviated list of episodes that can be seen on Hulu:

  • A supernatural girl (or 100,000 BC). It is the crucial starting point of Doctor Who.
  • The tomb of the cybermen. Here you can enjoy an exciting plot with the second doctor.
  • Raid from space. It is the first episode broadcast in color and starring the third doctor.
  • The terror of the autons. In this episode the villain the Master appears for the first time.
  • The city of death. It is the most watched episode of Doctor Who available.
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 2
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 2

Step 2. Watch it on Netflix

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn't have the classic opening episodes of Doctor Who like "A Supernatural Girl." You will need a monthly subscription to Netflix. Use this list as a guide to watch the crucial episodes from Netflix's selection:

  • The Aztecs. The BBC at the time had a very strict rule, according to which the doctor could not alter the time.
  • The mind thief. The plot has evolved into the classic time travel storyline.
  • Raid from space. This episode is the debut of the third doctor.
  • You may enjoy the following episodes available on Netflix for the richness of the plot: "The Three Doctors", "Carnival of Monsters", "The Green Death", "The Space Ark" and "The Pyramids of Mars".
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 3
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 3

Step 3. View the series on Amazon Prime

The selection available on Amazon is similar to that of Netflix. The main difference is that Prime offers few different options. It begins with "The Aztecs", but the next episode, "The tomb of the cybermen" is from the fifth season. The narrow selection of Amazon Prime can be found on both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

  • A good guide to Amazon episodes is to watch the episodes in the order that Prime presents them.
  • Amazon has done a good job of selecting good episodes.
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 4
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 4

Step 4. Watch streaming through third parties

All you need to find the streaming web pages is to search "See Doctor Who online". To find a specific episode, include the name in your search. These web pages are still online because they do not host the physical video on their page, but rather contain links to other web pages that host the video.

  • Governments are increasingly strict with this type of web page.
  • These web pages are constantly changing or may even shut down, but both watchseries.li and geektv.me are pretty constant.

Method 2 of 3: View the series by other means

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 5
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 5

Step 1. Borrow it from the library

Many libraries have DVD collections of television series. Go to the movie section of your library to see if they have any sets of the classic Doctor Who episodes. It is the cheapest way to watch the series.

  • You can't always trust the library and they may not have a large collection of the classic episodes.
  • Check the library's online catalog to see if it is possible to order certain videos. For more information, you can ask the librarian.
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 6
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 6

Step 2. Buy the DVDs

Find the best deals online for DVD collections of classic Doctor Who episodes. You may find better prices on Amazon or eBay. Here's a list of the BBC-edited collections that include some of the crucial episodes from the classic version of Doctor Who:

  • The Davros set. It's a fantastic introductory set that includes five story lines with four different doctors.
  • Doctor Who: The Beginning. This collection includes three episodes of the first doctor.
  • Tomb of the cybermen. Although it is a single storyline that lasts for four episodes, it is a magnificent story starring the second doctor.
  • Doctor Who - New Beginnings Box Set. This collection presents the last two stories of the third doctor.
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 7
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 7

Step 3. Watch it on television

Many networks air episodes of classic Doctor Who. The best way to find out if any of your TV channels are broadcasting the classic episodes is to look in the TV guide. You can watch them on BBC / BBC America and Retro TV.

Method 3 of 3: Focus on Classic Doctor Who

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 8
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 8

Step 1. Decide if it is what you want

Doctor Who between 1963 and 1989 is very different from today. Many fans of the new series have criticized it for poor visuals and special effects, strange planets, and low production values. Take it into consideration to decide. He also remembers that the classic version had a serial format, with plot lines that needed between one and twelve episodes to complete its narrative.

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 9
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 9

Step 2. Choose a good starting point

There are eight classical doctors, so you have several options. Here is a list of good starting points and the year they were issued:

  • A supernatural girl (1963)
  • The War Games (1969)
  • Raid from space (1970)
  • Terror of the Autons (1971)
  • The three doctors (1972-73)
  • The Time Warrior (1973-74)
  • The Ribos operation (1978)
  • The Guardian of Traken (1981)
  • Kinda (1982)
  • The Five Doctors (1983)
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 10
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 10

Step 3. Follow the arguments that interest you the most

You don't have to watch the series chronologically if you are not interested. Look for the recurring characters or villains that interest you. If you like the Master or the cybermen, look up all the episodes in which they appear using the internet. There are several fan websites that search for characters and villains and then present a full series of the episodes in which they appear.

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 11
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 11

Step 4. Take into account the more than 90 missed episodes

In the late 1960s and 1970s, the BBC wanted to reuse videotapes to avoid having to buy more and, as a consequence, several episodes of the series of the first three doctors were "lost in time". Fortunately, the entire series of the third doctor has been able to recover and the lost episodes are beginning to reappear in the most unexpected places. So there is still hope.

Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 12
Watch Classic Doctor Who Step 12

Step 5. Don't watch all the episodes of a story line at once

Enjoy the moment of maximum suspense and leave it there. Catch the next episode the next day or a week later, or you may prefer to watch an episode from another storyline and then come back.


  • Convince your friends to watch it with you.
  • If there are any fans of the classic Doctor Who among your friends or family, meet them to see the series.
  • Don't watch a story line in one sitting because you might get bored. This especially applies to the seasons of the sixties, whose plot development is slow compared to contemporary television series.
  • Try to educate yourself on the plot lines before watching the episodes. This way, you can keep the interest while you see the images.


  • Take into account the plot lapses between the episodes of the first two doctors due to missed episodes. There are reconstructions of these lost episodes in different media.
  • There are also animated reconstructions. The official ones, which are released on BBC DVDs, are classic 2D animations, but some fan-made reconstructions are in 3D animation.
  • The most frequent are photo slideshows of scenes from the episodes or recreations of them when they do not exist, presented alongside the audio of the episodes.
  • The least common are live reconstructions, where there are actors who recreate the episode.

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