3 ways to help a children's charity

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3 ways to help a children's charity
3 ways to help a children's charity

There are many charities dedicated to helping children. Many of them depend on the generous donations of people like you. If you want to help children and work with an organization dedicated to this cause, knowing the process will help you create a greater impact in their lives. Read on to find out how to help a children's charity in America.


Method 1 of 3: Donate Assets or Funds to a Children's Charity

Get a Job Fast Step 1
Get a Job Fast Step 1

Step 1. Find charities

Fortunately, there are many organizations that dedicate their efforts to helping children. However, you will have to do a search to narrow down your list. Take some time to do an online search and find organizations that interest you. Consider some of the following examples of organizations dedicated to this cause as a starting point:

  • https://www.guidestar.org/Home.aspx can be a very good resource.
  • https://www.worldvision.org/ is a reputable charitable group.
  • https://www.unbound.org/ can help you find a charity.
  • https://childfindofamerica.org/ is another helpful resource for finding charities.
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Say Goodbye to Coworkers Step 12

Step 2. Find some charities

Not all charities work the same way. Some allocate donations differently than others. So do your research to make sure the organization is reputable and effective.

  • Not all organizations are as reputable as others. It's important that you do a charity search to make sure your donation goes to the best possible way.
  • Go to https://www.charitywatch.org/top-rated-charities for the top-rated organizations.
  • The Good Business Practice Office can provide you with more information on a specific organization.
  • Some organizations have higher operating costs and cannot direct most of your donation directly to children.
  • Other organizations will focus donations more on improving the lives of children.
Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims Step 2
Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims Step 2

Step 3. Make a financial donation

Once you find an organization that you feel comfortable enough to work with, it's time to make your donation. Some organizations set levels of donations that you can make and others only allow custom amounts. Pay attention to the method of payment or the type of donation, as some organizations prefer some over others. Once you are ready, make sure your donation helps the organization achieve its goals.

  • Some organizations need things like food and clothing. They provide a list of the items they need the most.
  • Other organizations need funds. They can accept one-time donations or recurring monthly donations.
  • Organizations can sell things to generate funds.
  • Talk to the organization you have chosen to find out what they need the most.
Help Save the Environment Step 50
Help Save the Environment Step 50

Step 4. Donate goods and objects

While almost all organizations will benefit from financial donations, many others can take advantage of donated items. Donating goods or objects can be a great way to directly support an organization and help children in need. Think of the following places and items to get an idea of how you can start donating:

  • Some organizations allow you to purchase items you need through an online wish list.
  • You may be able to donate food, clothing, or toys.
  • Organizations might also need things like diapers or other care products.
  • Ask at any local hospital, church group, children's emergency department, or other groups that directly help children in need.
Do Your Own Taxes Step 27
Do Your Own Taxes Step 27

Step 5. Determine if your donation is tax exempt

A great aspect of donating to an organization is that you can possibly use it as a tax deduction. While helping children in need is already a good idea, getting some tax relief can be a welcome reward for your generosity. Keep these things in mind when making sure your donation counts as a tax deduction:

  • Many organizations provide documents for you to use when filing your taxes.
  • To claim a deduction, you will need to file an itemized list of your donations with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Charities must be classified as “not-for-profit”.
  • Find out if the organization qualifies by using the IRS search tool found at

Method 2 of 3: Volunteer for Charities

Help Your Community Step 10
Help Your Community Step 10

Step 1. Think about what you can offer

Many charities train their volunteers and will be happy to accept anyone who is willing to help. However, evaluate if you have any specific skills that you can offer in addition to basic volunteer activities. Think about how much you want to comfortably commit to find a suitable position for you.

  • Some volunteer positions require specific skills. For example, you can offer yourself as an administrator or mentor.
  • Perhaps you have carpentry skills and can help build houses for families in need.
  • You may want to help distribute food to families whose children are hungry.
Help the Homeless Step 20
Help the Homeless Step 20

Step 2. Look for volunteer opportunities

Once you have thought about how much time you can spend and what activities you want to help with, you can begin your search for available vacancies. Charitable organizations generally post when they need volunteers, offering a wide variety of ways you can volunteer. Take the time to do a local or online search for charities that may need volunteers.

  • An online search can be a quick way to find volunteer positions.
  • You can search for vacancies at
  • Many communities have local charities that always need the help of volunteers.
  • Children's hospitals often need volunteers.
  • If you go to church, you may need volunteers to go on mission trips.
Help the Homeless Step 7
Help the Homeless Step 7

Step 3. Consider volunteering at your local NICU

NICU is a group dedicated to helping babies who are transferred to neonatal intensive care units. Parents can also receive assistance and support from the NICU during this difficult time. Consider working at a local branch that helps parents and babies directly.

Learn more about volunteering at

Encourage Good Study Habits in a Child Step 1Bullet2
Encourage Good Study Habits in a Child Step 1Bullet2

Step 4. Volunteer to read to the children

Reading to children can be a fun and easy way to volunteer. This activity has been shown to improve reading comprehension and literacy skills. Look for charities or programs in your neighborhood that need people to read to children.

  • Libraries can be a good place to volunteer.
  • Some organizations focus on other areas, such as reading to children in pediatric care.
Help Your Community Step 14
Help Your Community Step 14

Step 5. Volunteer to run an event

There are many children's charities that help children in different ways. They usually need volunteers to lead, organize, or run an event. Consider volunteering for a children's charity event.

  • You can help with a food drive.
  • Baked goods sales generally need some extra help.
Help Your Community Step 8
Help Your Community Step 8

Step 6. Help your form

You don't always have to wait for a charity to launch or invite you to volunteer. If there are no charities nearby, you can act on your own. For example, you can organize a community event aimed at helping neighborhood children. Consider some of these ideas when considering how you can ask the community to help children:

  • Organize a food drive to feed hungry children.
  • Ask your community to donate old clothes to help families and children in need.
  • Collect old toys from the community and give them to local children.
  • Collect books and hand them out to local children.

Method 3 of 3: Spread the Word

Market a Product Step 3
Market a Product Step 3

Step 1. Post your favorite charity on social media

Nowadays, if you want to send a message to many people at once, social networks are the best option, since they allow you to quickly share information about your favorite charity with all your friends and contacts. By submitting this information, you can create awareness for people to support your chosen organization.

Market a Product Step 7
Market a Product Step 7

Step 2. Offer to advertise for free through your business

If you have a business, you can partner with the charities you want to help. This is a great way to support them and also improve your business. Keep the following tips in mind when partnering with a charity:

  • Tell your customers how much money your business has raised and donated to charity.
  • Mention the organization in your own ads, including your partnership with it.
  • Include information about your favorite charity in your own posts.
  • Ask the organization to acknowledge and share your contributions in its own outreach programs.
Communicate Effectively Step 21
Communicate Effectively Step 21

Step 3. Talk about the topic

A simple and effective way to inform others about your favorite charity is to simply talk about it. Don't underestimate the power of word of mouth when evaluating ways to promote a certain organization. When you feel it is appropriate, bring up your donations, volunteer work, and other exciting things related to the organization you want to support.


  • Do some research on the charity before deciding if it's where you want to donate your time or money.
  • An online search can be a good way to find charities that need donations or volunteers.
  • Some organizations may need volunteers with specific skills. Others might offer training and be happy to be helped by anyone.
  • Make sure your donation is what the organization needs. Most need specific things that they include in an available list that you can review.
  • Your donation could qualify for a tax exemption.

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