4 ways to be a stripper

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4 ways to be a stripper
4 ways to be a stripper

Becoming a stripper is easy - most clubs are generally looking for more staff. If you've already considered the benefits and opportunities of the job and decided you want to, read on.


Method 1 of 4: Finding the Right Club

Become a Stripper Step 1
Become a Stripper Step 1

Step 1. Visit the clubs you would like to work for

It's a good idea to take a week or two and tour the city to see the venues you are considering auditioning for. Go incognito with a friend, if possible. You need to get an idea of the environment and the clientele before deciding to work there. If you notice that one club does not follow too many rules, go to another. You don't need to work in a club where girls can be hurt or not treated with respect. There are three different types of men's clubs:

  • Exclusive These types of clubs have dress codes and you are generally expected to wear a maxi dress that is somewhere between nightwear and lingerie. They often have high membership costs and support staff who are expected to tip you, generally an average of 10-20% of your total nightly income. Such clubs are often attended by businessmen and city dwellers who prefer more exclusive establishments, so they hope to live up to the hype (and spend a lot of money) on dresses, rhinestone jewelry, and all the rest. As a general fact, these clubs tend to be large and have many artists working every night.
  • Neighborhood clubs. These types of clubs are a bit more relaxed and often attract locals or tourists, depending on the location. You can be a little more flexible with wardrobe and themes in this type of establishment. This is usually a good place to start if you are new to dancing as well. Some of the clubs are located in industrial areas and others are like neighborhood bars with topless or nude entertainment.
  • Third level or passing bars. They are usually found in very rural areas of the city and often have a lower-than-average clientele. They are generally very flexible with the hiring process and attract a rougher audience.
Become a Stripper Step 2
Become a Stripper Step 2

Step 2. Ask questions

Once you find a place where you visualize yourself working, ask one of the girls about her experience working there. Do they charge to work there? Is tipping required? (This is where you give part of your earnings to the club or staff.) If so, how much do you have to give? It's probably not worth spending more than 50% of your cash every night. The different clubs vary and can change nightly as well.

  • If you have the time and interest, consider asking a couple of girls for their opinion on the work environment. The larger the sample, the more likely you are to be told the truth.
  • And don't forget to ask them where they buy their clothes!
Become a Stripper Step 3
Become a Stripper Step 3

Step 3. Find the manager or the owner of the house

If the employee you're talking to makes the place sound promising, ask them to show you where to find the manager. Once you find him, let him know that you are interested and would like to audition.

Ask all the necessary details: when is the audition, how long it will last (i.e. the number of songs), what you should wear, and if it is the manager on duty that night. Once everything is ready, feel free to stick around and win them over with your charming personality and ask more questions about protocol to put your mind at ease. If you want to know the information with complete certainty, ask the same questions that you asked the employees to verify what they told you

Method 2 of 4: What you need to get started

Become a Stripper Step 4
Become a Stripper Step 4

Step 1. Build your wardrobe

You can find stripper clothes in catalogs, adult supply stores, and various places online. Just make sure your outfit is easy to remove while wearing heels. Make sure you know the laws where you work, as some states expect you to wear a certain type of underwear. After taking the above into account, here is a list of what you should buy:

  • High heels (generally aiming for a minimum of 7.5 centimeters or 3 inches).
  • A thong (find out about the laws where you live. Most exotic dancers wear "regulated" thongs).
  • Legal lingerie or dance costume.
Become a Stripper Step 5
Become a Stripper Step 5

Step 2. Know the situation well

Sit down with yourself for a cup of coffee and think if this is really what you want to do. Some women have discovered that they are disowned in each and every setting for being strippers, or even just for having been one in the past. Are you prepared to deal with the psychological consequences, too?

  • Also, money is not necessarily a guarantee. If you do it right, you can expect to earn up to $ 500 during a day shift or up to $ 1,000 or more on a night shift (depending on location). But if you don't know how to manage and "sell" your services, you can go home penniless and in debt. There is no guarantee that if you walk into a strip club and look good, you will make money.
  • Be aware that the competition is fierce. Yes, the work is partly based on looks, but there are girls who look like supermodels who can leave the club with no money. Most girls who start stripping don't realize that it's a sales job where they sell their time, attention, and dancing for money. You can't just show up and "do things lightly" to earn a decent salary.
Become a Stripper Step 6
Become a Stripper Step 6

Step 3. Get comfortable without having personal protection

When you are at work, you will constantly be surprised, touched, and possibly feel violated. You will have to get used to being naked with people around you and strangers trying to touch you in a way that you might not want them to. Although it sounds pretty daunting, it gets easier over time.

Clients will (or will) try to touch you against your will more if you are in a contact club. There are also non-contact clubs where the no-touch rule is strictly enforced. By law, in almost every state, customers can't touch you, but that doesn't always prevent it from happening. You have to have a strong attitude, stand up for yourself, and enforce the club's rules at times

Become a Stripper Step 7
Become a Stripper Step 7

Step 4. Get in shape

Although the whole world seems to revolve around looks and sex appeal, this is an industry where those traits are critical and it revolves around competition. If you are not in shape, you will probably earn less money, simple as that. You don't have to be perfect in any way! No girl is. But it's a good idea to start toning your body: you'll also feel more confident on stage, and confidence is the closest thing to having the best skills you require in your field of action. Start eating healthy and exercising, if you are not yet aware of the habits of this lifestyle.

Strippers come in all shapes and sizes. There are no prerequisites when it comes to dancing. As noted earlier, if you can't sell yourself (regardless of how beautiful you are), you won't be able to make a career out of it alone. Toning is just one (albeit important) of many steps required to be competent and successful in this industry

Method 3 of 4: Plan the Audition

Become a Stripper Step 8
Become a Stripper Step 8

Step 1. Practice your routine before going to a club audition

Make sure to wear heels while practicing - the same routine you do barefoot will feel completely strange when you do it in heels for the first time. Dancing and undressing at the same time in high heels will be the hardest part of your routine. Having a mirror or video recorder will help you see what you look like and what areas you need to improve (or eliminate entirely).

If you have an upcoming audition, consider calming your nerves and dancing an amateur night at a different strip club. Practicing alone in your room or in front of your boyfriend won't offer you the same experience as real dancing for strangers. Dancing on a previous night can greatly ease your anxiety

Become a Stripper Step 9
Become a Stripper Step 9

Step 2. Choose the correct songs

Typically, you will see a set of three songs of fast, medium, and slow paced music. Find a song that fits each category (that you like and know well!) And develop a basic routine. You can deviate a bit from each, but mastering the basics will help keep you safe.

Try not to do anything that is too repetitive. It may seem nothing surprising if you repeat the same movement too often. You must prepare each rhythm with a different atmosphere and therefore each song must be orchestrated differently in your movements

Become a Stripper Step 10
Become a Stripper Step 10

Step 3. If you are a beginner, stay away from pole dancing tricks

If you haven't practiced them beforehand, chances are that what you're trying to do isn't sensual. You'll learn them in time, so relax: you don't need them for your audition.

The best way to learn pole dancing is to watch videos online. Then copy the easier moves. Another alternative is to take pole dancing classes. Of course, wikiHow also provides information on the subject

Method 4 of 4: At the Auditions

Become a Stripper Step 11
Become a Stripper Step 11

Step 1. Choose a stage name

You don't need to earn a bad name using your real name, so choose an appropriate pseudonym for you. And make sure you have a choice or two! Most likely, the name you choose is already in use. Stay away from overly common names like Angel, Diamond, or Rose. There are two ways to proceed when choosing a name:

  • A name that sounds more or less normal. Pick something that suits your personality, like Grace, Summer, or Hope.
  • A name that is somewhat exotic. As a stripper, you are an exotic dancer. Why not choose something exotic? Gia, Amira or Ayesha are good options.
Become a Stripper Step 12
Become a Stripper Step 12

Step 2. Bring the appropriate belongings

For some auditions, you may need to carry your outfit in a bag, go to the club, and say that you want to dance. Hopefully, they will ask for your ID to make sure you are at least 18 years old. Others will not let you go on stage until they look at you either in your street clothes or in your outfit, so both looks should sell your image!

If the manager wants you to "audition" somewhere other than the stage, get out of there! Places like this are looking for "extra" girls or the manager is a pervert who tries to take advantage of them. Most clubs will put you on center stage to audition. If you asked the right questions at the beginning, you will know how the procedure works

Become a Stripper Step 13
Become a Stripper Step 13

Step 3. Go get work

You are wearing your sensual lingerie, your hair and makeup are perfect, and your nails are cared for to perfection. Now all you have to do is feel the music, smile, and catch up. If they like you, great! When can you start? If not, don't take it personally. After all, who knows your real name?

If you are really determined to work there, ask them how you can improve and when you can audition again. They may have more general audition nights or amateur nights. If they are not interested in you at all, just keep going


  • You can consider shoes and underwear, and anything else you need for work as tax deductions. Save all your receipts! But if you want to work completely without records (if you can't get paid work for various reasons), you can't. To find out what will and will not be deductible, contact a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • When you count your money the first night, or any night, don't brag or show it. Always keep money with you while you work and don't carry much more than you will need in case you don't earn anything.
  • Get the respect of your co-workers and their clients. Don't dress too vulgar (stick with sensual, or if you must dress vulgar, make it look exotic), and don't take things off too quickly. If clients see that you will do anything for a dollar, you can reveal everything too quickly only to find that you made less than $ 10 on stage. This also helps you maintain self-respect.
  • Don't wear glitter or heavy perfume. This affects the customer and makes it harder for him to hide where he was. You may not get as many dances for this reason. Remember, do not use glitter, and apply perfume discreetly or use a body essence.
  • If you start to win too many dollar bills, most clubs allow you to "withdraw money" by going to the cash register and handing over your own in exchange for higher denomination bills.
  • Make sure you are clean shaven and waxed in all areas and stay that way every day you go to work.
  • Look around. The fancier the place, the more you can do and the less you have to endure. For example, if you can work in a gentlemen's club with real doormen, that serves alcohol, only topless dancing, has a dress code for customers, and where the club can pay you, you can earn more than working without clothes in a seedy place that doesn't serve alcohol. Also keep in mind: customers who arrive drunk are often more dangerous and disrespectful than those who drink there and have fun.
  • When you're new to striptease, most clients can tell, and men find it very attractive. They see it as something innocent and sensual. Take advantage of it if it helps you.
  • Make a real effort with your nails and grooming. Make sure the fingers and toes match and are shaped.
  • To avoid irritation after shaving your pubic area, pat dry and apply fragrance-free antiperspirant.
  • Shy customers may have a hard time breaking out of their shell, try buying two drinks for the two of you to break the ice and make a connection. This is a good way to win a regular customer.
  • Most likely, the club won't pay you, so customers pay to take your clothes off. Keep in mind that you are not trying to earn their tips, they are trying to earn your body. Flirt and work slowly. If you wear a dress, start taking it off and take it off more as you get tips.
  • The most important part of this is not your movements (of course, these help) but your ability to "sell" yourself. You are there to entertain. Treat them like they are the cutest, smartest, most interesting people you've ever met. But if they don't give you money, say, after 2 songs, then walk away. You are here to make money and time is precious.
  • Use a league to save your money. You can wear it anywhere on your leg, and customers can put money in all areas allowed by the club. After the show, fold your money in half over the garter and use a rubber band to store it there. Store the $ 1 overseas (or $ 5 if you are lucky enough not to have any $ 1).
  • Get to know your customers. Learn who is there because he is horny and who is there to laugh (with female clients, that may be the limit).
  • Try to find something, anything, attractive about each client and focus on it. That way you don't have to become a totally fake artist.
  • Be aggressive! Don't ask your clients to dance, tell them they want to have fun in the VIP room! And if they say "maybe later" or "not now", don't give up. Just tell them "make yourself at home, I'll be back for you" with a smile and walk away. Control them throughout the night.
  • Move slowly on stage the first few times until you feel your rhythm.
  • When trying to dance, smile, put a hand on her hand or shoulder, and make eye contact. Direct attention to your breasts and use a sensual voice. You can even sit on their lap (it's up to you if you want to act innocent here, or give them a 'preview'), but some clubs are strict about lap dancing on the dance floor, and may even prohibit sitting on the customer's lap.
  • If the guys are having fun, they will tip more often. They will give out $ 1 bills, but they won't pay extra for a private dance. Just try to have fun here and earn as much money as you can on stage (you may need to indicate with gestures where on your clothes they can put the money on you).
  • Different clubs may have general rules, such as "take off your bra on the second song, take off your bottom on the third." But unless you're in a really vulgar club, this usually won't be true. Work at your own comfort level.
  • Don't wear too many clothes while you work.
  • Make a little twist in your routine sometime! Never be afraid to innovate! And always wear an outfit that is sexy and comfortable.


  • Don't be afraid to run away from a private dance if a client goes out of bounds or keeps trying to touch you.
  • Learn to handle the goalkeeper, especially if your club's don't. It's best not to work in places like that, but when it comes to choosing between there or driving an hour each way, a regular part-time job where you earn much less, or unemployment, you may have to settle for that. Tell rude customers to show respect or go out. If they don't tip anyone, say, "If you can watch, you can share." If a client touches you, push him and if he goes further, you can also do it.
  • Some clubs can schedule you in others in their chain. Find out about them first. While the club you applied to may not let new rookie girls make a career out of it, other's managers just don't care. One can be more vulgar, or the doormen don't do their job.
  • For some silly reason beyond any logic, some club designers think it is an amazing idea to have black lights. This reveals a lot, like tan lines, tartar, and lint (hence baby wipes). Make sure to keep yourself clean if this is the case (though you should anyway).
  • Always clean the tube with rubbing alcohol before starting your performance. You don't know where your co-workers have been.
  • It can be a rule in your club either way, but you should always charge for private dances in advance.
  • When you walk to your car, carry the keys in a fist, with the longest key sticking out. You can also wear your shoes if they have pointed heels.
  • Do not request private dances from whoever is in the front row (the bar at the top) if there is someone on stage, unless you are that dancer! You can antagonize another dancer by ruining her tips, which can be dangerous. But if there are enough people in the front row, don't be afraid to talk to someone the dancer isn't dancing with at the moment.
  • If you take a cab home, get the company name, driver, and cab number and send them to someone you can trust, or leave them up to the manager. Clearly demonstrate the record of this information, but do not offend the driver, and tell him that it is not that you do not trust him, but that he has heard too many stories and you can never be too sure. Usually they will be understanding.
  • Never use baby oil on your body and don't put on lotion before going to work. It will make you slip and fall on stage, as well as make the same happen to the next ones. You can seriously injure yourself. Therefore, do not use baby oil and hydrate the night before or many hours before working.
  • Never do "extras" (acts for the client not allowed by the rules of your club). You can make money without them and you never know who an undercover cop is, if the manager is watching, and so on. If you can't make money working clean, find a better club.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be very helpful. After getting off the stage or leaving the bathroom, and especially after private dances, wear them everywhere. It also makes you taste bad, so if a customer tries something stupid, like licking you, before you reject it, they will be less likely to do it again. And use baby wipes instead of toilet paper (which has lint in it, which can be a problem).
  • Do not give your phone number or your real name to clients or other dancers. They can give your phone number to customers. It just isn't safe. Live your character and, if necessary, have a cell phone that you only use for your work as a stripper.
  • Don't get drunk at work. Sure, it will help you relax, but if something goes wrong behind the scenes or on stage, you won't be able to defend or protect yourself. Make sure you only drink an amount that you can control, or better yet, don't drink at all. You are there to work, not to have fun. If someone offers to buy you a drink, ask for soda. Even a drink can be dangerous.
  • Make sure you follow the laws for dancing or you will be fired at most clubs. This means that there are laws about what kind of touching and taking off your clothes is legal. It complies with the law.
  • Never accept a client's offer to do a private show at their home. It is seriously dangerous and can have serious consequences.

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