How to be an efficient public servant in Mexico

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How to be an efficient public servant in Mexico
How to be an efficient public servant in Mexico

In Mexico there is a bad reputation towards public servants due to so many cases of corruption and abuse of authority. Nowadays in such a communicated world, it is very important to maintain a good image and an efficient service to regain people's trust in institutions. You just have to make a few adjustments to the way you work to be more efficient.


Part 1 of 2: Earning People's Trust

Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 11
Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 11

Step 1. Be honest and don't ask for a bite

Corruption is a very common issue in Mexico and a reason for complaint by a high percentage of the population. The fame of the bite is greater in policemen and traffic officers, it has to change, otherwise the respect of the population will be lost.

If a person wants to fix himself underwater, it is your responsibility as an official to make him see that things must be done according to the law

Consult a Lawyer Online Step 4
Consult a Lawyer Online Step 4

Step 2. Lead by example

As a public servant you will always be in the sights of the general population, a mistake can tarnish your career and make people see you as corrupt or inefficient, if you know the law, respect it.

It is very common to see patrol cars that go in the opposite direction, officials who skip the lines or public servants who litter in the streets, improve these details if you want to have acceptance from the population

Consult a Lawyer Online Step 14
Consult a Lawyer Online Step 14

Step 3. Make your wealth declarations every year

As part of the transparency with which a public servant must conduct himself, year after year you will have to make an update in your patrimonial declaration. Enter the portal of the public function secretariat and enter the DeclaraNet system, you will need your electronic signature to access, the process is very simple, it will take you less than 20 minutes. Have the following information on hand:

  • Net salary as it appears on your payroll receipts.
  • Extra income from real estate rental or work as an independent professional, if you are a business or company owner, you will have to declare what your profit was in the year.
  • Amount of each of your debts, includes mortgage, bank loans and loans from a friend or relative.
  • Amounts of your debt payments.
  • Value of your house, apartment or any other property that is in your name.
  • If you have a partner then you will require their income, also if your children contribute to the expense you will need their income.
  • Make a list of your monthly expenses.
Improve Employee Morale in Nursing Homes Step 2
Improve Employee Morale in Nursing Homes Step 2

Step 4. Comply with the established times

When it comes to doing paperwork, obtaining certain documentation from the government or permits, it is important to do things according to the established times. People are easily disappointed when they don't receive an adequate response.

  • The official manuals and technical standards of each agency mark the times in which a procedure must be carried out. Check the one that corresponds to your activity.
  • When the times do not depend on you, it is important that you let the person who consults you know.

Part 2 of 2: Improve performance

Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 16
Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 16

Step 1. Get up-to-date with the legislation

Year after year the laws, regulations and procedures of the government change, you must be up to date with these modifications, because only then will you be able to advise and guide the citizens who trust you.

  • Always have current legislation at hand, you can consult any of these on the website of the Chamber of Deputies.
  • Fortunately, the publications of the Chamber of Deputies indicate specific changes in the law, so you can update it more quickly.
Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 9
Become a Divorce Lawyer Step 9

Step 2. Get constant training

Year after year, state governments publish a calendar with the list of available courses. You can take them in person or remotely, everything will depend on the time you have.

  • To know the distance offer, go to the site of the Distance Training Program for Workers.
  • The SEP offers training courses at very affordable prices, enter the site of this institution and look for the Education section where you will find a list of options.
  • Universities such as UNAM, the POLI and private education institutions have agreements with the Mexican government, check these on the website of the institution that you like the most.
  • Get certified in some specialty so that you have the possibility of receiving a better income and growing in the organization chart of your dependency.
Develop Strengths in Employees Step 12
Develop Strengths in Employees Step 12

Step 3. Attend your union meetings

If you are a base employee, it is important that you attend these appointments, they cover important topics such as training and job improvements. Remember that the union is for your benefit.

The National Joint Committee for the Protection of Wages and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, through their internet portal, offer enough information on trade union organizations

Develop Strengths in Employees Step 3
Develop Strengths in Employees Step 3

Step 4. Receive feedback

This can come from the general population who deposit their opinions in the various complaints and suggestions boxes, if you are a boss, try to listen to the opinion of your employees, if you know the needs of your people, you will know how to improve working conditions and do more efficient service.

  • Hold weekly meetings with your team and discuss the various issues together.
  • Exalt the successes of your people above their mistakes, thus encouraging them to work with pleasure.
'Image titled Hire "at Will" Employees Step 9
'Image titled Hire "at Will" Employees Step 9

Step 5. Use your benefits when you need them

Take advantage of them in a timely manner, so you will renew the desire to work and feel that all the effort you make is worth it. Remember that some benefits go away if you don't use them, don't let this frustrate you.

  • Get an equity with your Fovissste credit.
  • Use your budget days to resolve important personal situations, even if it's just spending time with family.
  • Take your vacation, working more than a year without a break is exhausting, so take a break and disconnect from everything.
  • Go to the end of the year parties, so you create bonds with your co-workers and improve the work environment.
Be a Running Back Step 4
Be a Running Back Step 4

Step 6. Exercise and indulge yourself once in a while

You need to be in good physical and mental condition, in addition to living fully so that the burden of being a public servant does not consume you. In the case of public security, exercise is essential to withstand situations such as a chase or a guard.

  • Run for half an hour at least 3 times a week.
  • The massages relax, they will help you when the workload and the constant complaints of the citizens are very great.
'Image titled Quit As an "at Will" Employee Step 8
'Image titled Quit As an "at Will" Employee Step 8

Step 7. Exercise patience

Only you know what really happens behind the desk or the window of your customer service office. The people who come to you do not fully understand the legislation and procedures, so your patience and understanding will keep the person who consults you in good spirits.

  • Eat at your own time, so you will not have a bad mood due to hunger.
  • Make the process or consultation of the person who comes to you as easy as possible.
  • When you explain something, do it with the law or regulation at hand, so people will know that it is not negligence on your part but that the legislation marks it.
  • Do not retaliate, there will be many citizens who dislike you, revenge can damage your career entirely.

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