How to Speak Polish: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Speak Polish: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Speak Polish: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Being Polish is something to be proud of. If you want to learn the language, keep reading, it is very interesting.


Speak Polish Step 1
Speak Polish Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you want to learn to speak Polish

Practice every day.

Speak Polish Step 2
Speak Polish Step 2

Step 2. Immerse yourself in the language as much as you can

Visit Poland!

Speak Polish Step 3
Speak Polish Step 3

Step 3. Talk to people and find out what the language is like

Speak Polish Step 4
Speak Polish Step 4

Step 4. Learn basic words like "hello" and "nice to meet you."

Don't ask for bad words!

Speak Polish Step 5
Speak Polish Step 5

Step 5. Learn to vibrate the 'r'

Speak Polish Step 6
Speak Polish Step 6

Step 6. Get a book, CD, or program to help you pronounce the words

Use this guide to help:

Speak Polish Step 7
Speak Polish Step 7

Step 7. Start with these introductory phrases:

  • Hello - Cześć (pronounced like "chesh-ch". The combination of the letters "cz" is like the "ch" in "boy". The last letter "ć" is a "ch" but soft)
  • Hello - Witaj (vee-tie a bit more formal, but easier to pronounce than 'cześć')
  • Hello - Dzień dobry (djen do-bri, means "good morning")
  • How are you? - Jak się masz? (Yak she mash) (informal)
  • How are you (sir or madam)? - Jak się Pani ma? (Yak she pa-nee ma?, It is more formal and is aimed at a woman)
  • How are you, (sir)? - Jak się Pan ma? (Yak she pan ma, formal and is addressed to a man)

    • I'm fine - (Mam się) dobrze (mam she dob-zhe)
    • I'm wrong - (Mam się) źle
  • Can you speak Polish? - Czy umiesz mówić po polsku?
  • Do you know how to speak English? - Mówisz po angielsku? - informal (Moo-veesh po ang-yel-skoo?)

    • Do you know how to speak English? - Czy mówi Pani po angielsku? (Chi moo-vee pa-nee po ang-yel-skoo?) (Formal, towards a woman)
    • Do you know how to speak English? - Czy mówi Pan po angielsku? (Chi moo-vee pan po ang-yel-skoo?) (Formal, towards a man)

      • Tak, mówię - Yes, I do
      • Nie, nie mówię - No, I don't speak it
      • Troszkę - A little
  • What is your name? - Jak masz na imię? (Informal, first name only)

    My name is Jan - Mam na imię Jan

  • What is your full name)? - Jak się nazywasz? (Informal, full name)

    My name is Zenon Stefaniak - Nazywam się Zenon Stefaniak

  • Nice to meet you - Miło mi Cię poznać (informal)
  • Nice to meet you (sir / madam) - Miło mi Panią poznać (formal, towards a woman)
  • Nice to meet you (sir) - Miło mi Pana poznać (formal, towards a man)
  • Bye! - Do widzenia! (Do vee-dze-nya)
  • Bye! - Cześć (informal)
  • See you soon - Na razie (informal)
  • See you soon - Do zobaczenia (formal)
  • Yes - Tak
  • No - Nie
  • Please - Proszę
  • Thank you - Dziękuję (djen-koo-ye)
  • Denada - Proszę
  • Excuse me! Sorry! - Przepraszam. (pshe-pra-sham)


  • Don't be discouraged, keep trying! You can!
  • Listen to what someone says and repeat it "exactly" as you heard it.
  • Don't worry if your pronunciation is not exact. Obviously you're going to have a bit of an accent.


  • They are very likely to laugh at the way you pronounce the words.
  • Don't be afraid to give it a try, just tell them that you are learning and they will understand. Don't worry about what they might say.
  • Don't try to speak to someone who speaks Polish as a mother tongue if you are just learning.
  • Don't worry if you can't get a word right. You will obviously have a bit of an accent.
  • Don't be discouraged, keep trying. You can achieve it!

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