3 ways to get a gun license in Spain

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3 ways to get a gun license in Spain
3 ways to get a gun license in Spain

If you want to obtain a weapons license in Spain, you must first comply (and before selecting the type of weapon you wish to wield) to the strict legislation of this country. Obtaining weapons in Spain is very restricted and is closely monitored by the authorities, so it is not an easy procedure. With the following steps, we will guide you to get it and maintain it without problems.


Method 1 of 3: Know the Law

Buy a Gun Step 19
Buy a Gun Step 19

Step 1. Find out about your rights

According to our laws, specifically the Royal Decree on Arms Regulations, no person can possess or transport a firearm without the corresponding license. You must acquire, store, possess or trade with the weapons according to the legal provisions.

  • The use and possession of weapons by the Armed Forces and the State Security Forces and Bodies is excluded from this regulation. These types of weapons require special legislation.
  • Any Spaniard, of the age required by the permit in question and fulfilling the necessary requirements, may acquire a permit. Minors may also request permits, in very limited cases.
  • Residents in another member state of the EEC other than Spain and acquire a permit, their concession must be communicated to the authority of their state of residence.
Buy a Gun Step 13
Buy a Gun Step 13

Step 2. Select your weapon according to the category

Choose the necessary license according to the weapon you want to use, since the requirements will be different. There are different types of weapons permits depending on their category, so you must choose one depending on the weapons you want to use, depending on their danger and destination.

  • 1st Category: handguns (pistol and revolver).
  • 2nd Category: long firearms for surveillance and nursery, and long rifled firearms.
  • 3rd Category: long rifled firearms for sports type, shotguns and other long smooth-bore firearms, and weapons operated by air or other compressed gas.
  • 4th Category: semi-automatic and repeating carbines and pistols, double action revolvers, smooth or rifled carbines and pistols and single shot, single action revolvers. All of them powered by compressed air or another gas.
  • 5th Category: knives, sharp or pointed blades not prohibited; knives or machetes of military units or of imitation of these.
  • 6th Category: ancient or historical firearms, or their reproductions. Muzzleloader weapons.
  • 7th Category: anesthetic injection weapons, crossbows, rope throwing weapons, “Flobert” system weapons, bows, revolvers or firing pistols, and flare launchers.
Buy a Gun in Florida Step 5
Buy a Gun in Florida Step 5

Step 3. Destine its use

Obtaining these permits is aimed at a specific use. You will request a permit in case you want to participate in a contest in national territory or for private use. The following are considered parts susceptible of acquisition:

  • Short, surveillance, long striped weapons for sports or private use (of different categories), shotguns, gas or compressed air weapons, pistols, carbines.
  • Knives or special machetes, historical weapons, muzzleloaders, rope-throwing crossbows, “Flobert” system, bows and / or revolvers or firing pistols, as well as flare launchers.

Method 2 of 3: Get the license

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Buy a Gun Step 17

Step 1. Distinguish between categories

You will find within these main categories, established by Spanish law, various types of licenses. You must check in which category the weapon you want to acquire is located to know the license you will need to request.

  • Type B: private handguns.
  • Type C: weapons of surveillance and security personnel.
  • Type D: striped large game hunting weapon.
  • Type E: for weapons of categories 3 and 7.
  • Type F: sport shooting weapons for members of federations.
Buy a Gun Step 5
Buy a Gun Step 5

Step 2. Learn about other types of licenses

These are for more special weapons, less dangerous, and for very specific and restricted uses. They will give you permission to use it easier to obtain.

  • Weapons card: for weapons of the 4th category.
  • Special regulation for 6th category weapons and for those with the “Flobert” system.
  • Specific authorization for possession of anesthetic injection rifles.
  • To possess and use combined arms that have characteristics of more than one of the categories that have been mentioned and that are not specifically regulated, a license will be given based on their dangerousness within the equivalent. Your authorization will be shorter.
Become an Arizona Licensed Contractor Step 7
Become an Arizona Licensed Contractor Step 7

Step 3. Request the issuance of your license

Go to the Civil Guard barracks corresponding to your current address, to the Weapons Intervention section that is there. Present yourself with the following documentation to begin processing your application:

  • Current criminal record certificate. This can be requested (upon payment of a fee) with an electronic certificate through the page of the Ministry of Justice or in person at any delegation of this Ministry in your locality.
  • Photocopy of your ID in force or residence card. Take the original, there they will compare its authenticity.
  • A report of psychophysical aptitudes.

Method 3 of 3: Wait for the expedition

Get a Counseling License Step 14
Get a Counseling License Step 14

Step 1. Look at the form

These licenses are issued in the corresponding forms, which are prepared by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard. Either authorization, weapons card or license, it must contain:

  • DNI number (or equivalent identity document) and personal data of the natural person.
  • Identification code number, denomination and address, in case the owner is a legal person.
Find a Vehicle's Registered Owner Using a License Plate Number Step 6
Find a Vehicle's Registered Owner Using a License Plate Number Step 6

Step 2. You will be investigated

Be aware that the state body that is in charge of your request will seek information about your background and behavior prior to your request, which will be decisive for granting you the license or not. All criminal acts and offenses committed in your record will be taken into account.

  • Even if you apply for a type E or D license, they will also investigate if you have a real interest in the active pursuit of hunting or the sport in which you participate.
  • You can prove this through hunting licenses and cards from your current sports federation.
Shoot a Handgun Step 2
Shoot a Handgun Step 2

Step 3. Keep in mind its validity

These licenses will be granted for a limited time with attention to the laws, always according to the type of category to which the weapon on which you have been licensed belongs. The body that issued it may review the correct maintenance of the license at any time, being able to revoke it.

  • The validity period must appear on the license itself. It will be necessary for you to show it to any authority that requires it in use, so this information must be present to verify that you are duly authorized to use weapons at that time.
  • This period depends on whether you keep the requirements, if you don't, it will be withdrawn.
  • When the license period ends, you must deposit the weapons at the Civil Guard Weapons Intervention to which you went to request your license. If you do not do this, you could incur a crime of illegal possession of weapons or deposit of the same. This crime is typified in art. 564 of the Penal Code.


  • The Criminal Record Certificate has a short life, as it expires within 3 months of its application. Make sure it is current at the time of submitting it, otherwise you will have to ask for a new one.
  • The report of psychophysical aptitudes you will have to do it in advance. There are hundreds of places in your locality where they can do it for you, like the one you must do for the driver's license. They deliver it to you at the moment and it consists of brief physical and psychological tests.

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