4 ways to cheat on a test

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4 ways to cheat on a test
4 ways to cheat on a test

Whether you are unprepared, feeling lazy, or unable to pass the exam for some other reason, you may feel like cheating as a strategy to pass the exam. Here are some tips to help you meet that goal and get that perfect grade you've always wanted.


Cheat On a Test Step 1
Cheat On a Test Step 1

Step 1. Choose the way you will cheat

You can use a answers paper, do cheating with a friend or employ cheating strategies hard to check (See the sections below for more information about each method.)

Cheat On a Test Step 2
Cheat On a Test Step 2

Step 2. Don't get caught

Cheating only works if no one discovers you. Here are some tips to avoid getting caught:

  • Avoid looking suspicious. It is important to maintain a balance between getting the answers out and not doing it in a conspicuous way. To do this, don't be anxious or restless. If you have to look around, never hold your gaze on a fixed point for more than 10 seconds. Look randomly to other sites, that way the person supervising you will not suspect anything and will not be able to discover where your accomplice is located (or where you have the answer sheet).
  • Avoid having unrealistic expectations. If you try really hard, you can get a perfect note by cheating, but if everyone else gets a mediocre note and you are the only high note, you will attract a lot of attention. This is fine if you normally get good grades, but if you have a reputation for not being a good student, then you will likely get caught. Fail some questions on purpose to avoid suspicion. Aim to get an average grade on the exam and gradually build your grades up to the highest marks to make it seem like a more natural process.
  • Get rid of the evidence. As soon as the test is finished, go to the bathroom (if you haven't been during the test) to throw out all the evidence that indicates that you cheated. The longer you hold onto the items you used to cheat, the more likely you are to get caught, because someone might find out.

Method 1 of 4: Strategies for Cheating with Answer Sheets

Cheat On a Test Step 3
Cheat On a Test Step 3

Step 1. Start by gathering the information you need

This includes formulas, keywords, vocabulary, dates, definitions, names, conjugations, etc.

Cheat On a Test Step 4
Cheat On a Test Step 4

Step 2. Write or print the information correctly

The font must be legible and the font must be of a suitable size (not too big, not too small). While you should include as much information as possible on a small piece of paper, remember that if the print is too small, you will have to stare at the page very closely, which will increase your chances of being caught. If you can print the answer sheet, please do so. Thus, the chances that the teacher will discover that you are the owner of the answer sheet will be less.

Cheat On a Test Step 5
Cheat On a Test Step 5

Step 3. Transfer the answers from the text to a sheet of paper

It is a procedure commonly used for spelling tests. Copy the spelling of the book onto a piece of paper, then put it on your lap or on your sleeve. This is a risky method, so be careful.

Cheat On a Test Step 6
Cheat On a Test Step 6

Step 4. Hide the sheet

  • Try the "human canvas" methodInstead of printing the answer sheet, write them on your body. Some good places are the forearm if you are a man or the upper thigh if you are a woman. These are great places, because you can wear long sleeves or a dress to cover up the answers when you're not wearing them. It is important to disguise well so that no one notices that you have things written on your body. Put the answers in a place that looks directly at you.
  • Try the "water bottle" method: Print the answers on a sheet of paper the same color as a water bottle label. Glue it to the bottle and position it so that the side with the answers is facing only you. Ideally, the answer sheet should be in the same font as the bottle label to avoid suspicion.
  • Try the "folder" method: If you have a binder with a transparent slot on the front, insert your answer sheet into that slot. Move the folder under your desk to the desk slot to look at the answer sheet. Try to minimize the number of times you look at the folder, especially if you don't have anything to cover you.
  • Try the "calculator" methodThis is widely used by people taking math tests, because it's the only time you can pull out a calculator without looking suspicious. Insert formulas or other important information between the back of the calculator and the lid.
  • Another method in which a calculator is used: If you have a graphing calculator, save the math formulas inside the calculator. Then, put the information in a file, so that you can access it, even if the teacher makes you clear the RAM. Take the information out of the file during the exam. Clear calculator memory after exam. This method also works if it is with the school calculator, because no teacher or student will look in the file. If you don't know how to file things into a calculator, do an internet search.
  • Try the "hidden answer sheet" method- Hide the answer sheet in a separate place from everything to avoid being traced back to you. This includes the newsletter in your classroom, in one of the bathrooms, or on someone else's chair.
  • Put on a long-sleeved shirt and hide your answer sheets under the sleeves. It is an excellent method, because the teacher will not look down your sleeves. When I'm not supervising, you can easily take out the answer sheet and put it back.

Method 2 of 4: Strategies for Cheating with a Friend

Cheat On a Test Step 7
Cheat On a Test Step 7

Step 1. Try the "quick look" method

Sit behind someone who will do well on the test (either because they are a good student or because they really like the subject). Settle yourself so that you are either to the right or to the left of your seat, looking diagonally at the other person's desk; This will allow you to look over his shoulder without having to move too much. Never stand behind a student in the front or center of the classroom, as the teacher is likely to spot you.

Cheat On a Test Step 8
Cheat On a Test Step 8

Step 2. Try the "sign" method

Create a signing system with a friend. It is a way to double your knowledge of the subject, because you can exchange the answers with your friend. For multiple choice tests:

  • Set signals by touching your foot or hand for A, B, C, D, E and "wrong answer." By creating the signal for "wrong answer" you increase the likelihood of both of you doing well on the test, as you can easily rule out wrong answers. Also create a noise to get your friend's attention without attracting attention (for example, a sneeze or stomp).
  • Sneeze first to get your friend's attention.
  • Use your fingers to indicate the number of the question (indicate a 3 and a 2 with your hands to indicate the question "32").
  • Wait for him to give you the answer (for example, scratching your ear to indicate the "B").
  • If you need help deciding between two answers, cough, give the question number, and give the signal to indicate the answer you think is correct.
  • Your partner can nod if it's correct. If it is the wrong answer, you can send the "wrong answer" signal.

Method 3 of 4: Hard-to-Check Cheating Strategies

Cheat On a Test Step 9
Cheat On a Test Step 9

Step 1. Try to get the "teacher's edition" of the textbook

For teachers using quizzes taken from "teacher's edition" textbooks, buy a copy of the book. Find the correct edition of the book online and buy it. Before the test, memorize the answers. This method is good for basic science, foreign language, and history, as the teacher will likely pull the test straight out of the book.

Cheat On a Test Step 10
Cheat On a Test Step 10

Step 2. Try to get an "old or new" copy of the exam

You can do this by talking to a former student or by talking to other students who may have connections in the class. Study the same topics for the test or if you suspect that the test will be the same, memorize the answers.

Cheat On a Test Step 11
Cheat On a Test Step 11

Step 3. Try the "right back" method

If you know that the teacher will let you come back to finish the exam, don't finish the exam on purpose and ask them to let you come back later to finish it. Be sure to memorize the topics or questions so that you can look up the answers before you finish the exam again.

Play sick, go to the bathroom until the exam is over, and do everything at a slow pace. Make sure the teacher lets you come back using this method, or you could be in a worse situation if they don't let you finish

Cheat On a Test Step 12
Cheat On a Test Step 12

Step 4. Try the "cheeky copy" method

When you turn in your test, if the teacher is not at the desk, use a pencil to change or write the answers using the test at the top of the stack as a guide (this method is very risky!).

Be aware that some classrooms have cameras. Do not do it if there is a camera in the classroom where you are, as it will be much riskier if it is

Amend the Constitution Step 14
Amend the Constitution Step 14

Step 5. Try the "mock test" method

At this point, it will be helpful to know the exact format of the exam so that you can write all the important points on a piece of paper that looks perfectly the same as the original exam.

  • If the test is a “question and answer” type, remember to add one important point as the question and the other as the answer. You should also include the page number and marks per question (if applicable).
  • The next thing you should do is staple this paper to the original exam during the test without anyone noticing.

Method 4 of 4: Try not to cheat

Cheat On a Test Step 13
Cheat On a Test Step 13

Step 1. Fill up on information at the last minute

By spending the last few minutes before the exam reviewing your notes or studying, you will have a chance to pass without cheating.

  • For essays, remember key words and points. Teachers usually look for key words or points in the essay. This means that the "padding" of the essay is less important. If you know the topic or possible topics of an essay question, include 4 or 5 important terms or points that you know the teacher will look for instead of having to study everything. This way, you can achieve it with much less effort.
  • For math tests, try to memorize the formulas. Knowing a formula is much more useful than spending hours doing practice problems. If you have the formula memorized, then you can spend your exam time applying it to the problems you are given.
  • For multiple choice tests, "chunk" the information that you know will come out on the test.. Instead of memorizing a list of words, break it down into smaller, more memorable lists. For example, if you're studying for a history test, instead of remembering "Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Washington, Grant, Lincoln, and Lee," break it down into "4 Founding Fathers: Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton" and " 3 Civil War Leaders: Lee, Lincoln, Grand ". By matching the number of men with a specific topic, it will be much easier to remember the information.
Accessorize Your School Uniform Step 1
Accessorize Your School Uniform Step 1

Step 2. For the next exam, start studying early and more effectively

Taking into account your current time, you can create your own study itinerary.


  • In some countries, certain methods of cheating on certain important exams are illegal and could mean a term in prison.
  • Other students may suspect that you are cheating and may inform the teacher.
  • If you read this article on a shared computer, delete the history so your parents won't discover you.
  • There is always the possibility of being discovered. If this happens to you, you could face severe punishment, such as getting an automatic zero on your exam, suspension, or even expulsion from your school. Many schools may put a record on your record indicating that you violated the honor code. Instead of looking for ways to cheat on a test, look for tips on how to study for a test.
  • For major exams (for example, the state college entrance exam), all results can be canceled if you are caught cheating. The worst penalty is that it can prohibit you from taking the state exam for up to 5 years, which means that you will not be able to go to university.
  • In many professions, you will need the knowledge you gain from studying and cheating will do you no good. Remember: in real life, when decisions are up to you, there will be no way to cheat.

    Cheating on exams could help you in the moment, but in the future you will regret it when you cannot apply for the job market because you do not have basic knowledge

  • Don't boast of cheating. It may seem like a no-brainer, but some people do. Someone could tell the teacher.
  • Always keep in mind where the teacher is looking. No cheating method works if the teacher looks at you directly while holding the answer sheet in your hand.
  • If you are copying the person next to you, lean in and rest your head on your arm while leaning to the side so it is not obvious that you are trying to copy yourself.
  • If you have to cheat because you did not have time to study, remember that it is worth reviewing the topics after the exam. There could be a cumulative exam, so the topics seen could help you in the future.
  • Cheating with a friend is always better than using an answer sheet, but hard-to-check methods are even better. The less evidence, the better for you.
  • If you are allowed to chew gum, write the answers on the wrapper and then take it out.
  • Cheating is never recommended, because you may feel guilty and want to confess what you did, which is likely to get you in a lot of trouble.
  • Even if you manage to cheat without getting caught, the next few extra points they earn are unlikely to make any significant difference to your score. In addition, you run the risk of being disqualified, expelled or suspended.

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